Overview of Quranic Intensive Class (QiC)​

Quranic Intensive Class is an accelerated Quranic recitation and teaching programme, conducted after school by our qualified Islamic Studies teachers in REAL Schools Shah Alam Campus. We provide a complete custom of Quran recitation, basic memorization and Islamic teaching course for the students. We also teach students the Quranic alphabets and the basic recitation rules of reading the Quran.

The Quranic Intensive Class programme is open to all REAL National Senior Muslim Students from Senior 1 – Senior 5 and REAL International Secondary Muslim Students of REAL School Shah Alam.

Recitation & Memorization Teaching Methodology

  1. One to One teaching method Talaqqi (individually) or in-group method Jamae (in groups). 
  2. Recitation and basic rules in recitation (Tajweed) will be the focusing area. 
  3. Basic memorization of some short chapters (Surah) will be introduced. 
  4. The basic Arabic words and translation will be taught for better understanding of the Quranic Verses. 
  5. The teachings and lessons from the Quranic verses will be elaborated by the teachers to uplift the students’ knowledge and mold good character as required by Islam. 
  6. Learning the basic rulings and practices of the Islamic rites from the Quran.  

Syllabus of Quranic Intensive Class Programme

Reading the Qur'an requires three stages:

  1. The skill of reading connected letters fluently and correctly.
  2. Pronouncing words in proper makhraj (sound).
  3. Correctly applying tajweed.

There are (2) category/level of readers:

  1. Iqra’ (Basic recitation for beginners) – Nuraniah Recitation Book.
  2. Al-Quran (Advance recitation for Intermediate & Advance) - Al-Quran Juzu 1 – Juzu 30

Tajweed is an integral part of reciting the Quran in a way that respects its Arabic beauty and meaning. It is about reading aloud and understanding and applying various rules to ensure the words are pronounced correctly. There are multiple tajweed rules, each with its nuances.

1. Nun Sakinah & Tanween

  • Idhzar
  • Ikhfa
  • Idgham
  • Iqlab
  • Qalqalah

2. Mad

  • Mad Tabi'e / Asli
  • Mad Wajib Muttasil
  • Mad Jaiz Munfasil
  • Mad 'Aridh Lissukun
  • Mad Badal
  • Mad 'Iwadh
  • Mad Lin
  • Mad Tamkin

Teachers will track the students’ performance via the tracker form.

Arabic is the language of the Quran. It can help the Muslim students to understand the Islamic studies or religious texts deeply. Understanding basic Arabic words can provide insight into the culture, traditions, and history of Arabic-speaking countries. It can deepen the appreciation of Arabic art, literature, and so on. Students will read and learn the translation of some of the verses taken from al-Quran.

Studying the stories of the prophets from the Quran can deepen the understanding of Islamic theology, faith, and beliefs. It can strengthen our connection with God (Allah) and provide spiritual guidance. Moral and Ethical Lessons: The stories of the prophets often contain moral and ethical lessons that are relevant to everyday life. Learning from their experiences can help you make better ethical choices and become a more virtuous person. Students will be exposed the followings prophetic stories taken from Al-Quran:

  1. Nabi Muhammad
  2. Nabi Adam
  3. Nabi Ibrahim
  4. Nabi Musa
  5. Nabi Isa
  6. Nabi Yusuf
  7. Nabi Nuh
  8. Nabi Sulaiman
  1. Solat
  2. Fasting
  3. Zakat & Sedekah
  4. Korban
  5. Haji
  6. Ethics
  7. Nama-nama dan sifat Allah

Fee Structure

Looking to enroll your child to the Quranic Intensive Class programme? Here are the fee structure details for this programme: 

RM 100 per month (8 sessions per month)  

July 2023 – January 2024 (7 months x RM100) = RM700 

*Class will begin if minimum 5 students or more have registered and payment has been made by the parents.