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At R.E.A.L Schools, we offer a choice of complete and comprehensive curriculums that are catered to your child’s educational and developmental needs.

Junior 1 - 6

• Bahasa Melayu
• English Language (KSSR & Cambridge)
• Mandarin (SJKCC) / Mandarin Communication Class (MCC)
• Science (KSSR & Cambridge)
• Mathematics (KSSR & Singapore)
• Pendidikan Moral / Pendidikan Islam
• Art
• Music Instruments (Recorder / Ukelele / Keyboard) • Lego Education
• Physical Education
• Swimming Lessons
• Information Communication Technology (ICT)
• Reka Bentuk & Teknologi (Jr 4-6)
• Sejarah (Jr 4-6)
• REAL Time
• Contentment Foundation
• Reading (Jr 1-3)

Senior 1 - 3

• Bahasa Melayu
• English Language (KSSM
& Cambridge)
• Bahasa Cina / Mandarin Communication Class
• Mathematics
• Science
• Pendidikan Moral / Agama Islam
• Pendidikan Seni
• Physical Education & Swimming Lessons
• Reka Bentuk & Teknologi (RBT) / Asas Sains Komputer (ASK)
• Sejarah
• Geografi
• REAL Time
• Motivational Talk

Senior 4 - 5


• Bahasa Melayu
• English Language
• Mathematics
• Sejarah
• Pendidikan Moral / Agama Islam
• Motivational Talk

STEM A: Pure Science Stream
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Additional Mathematics

STEM B: Semi Science Stream
• Chemistry
• Additional Mathematics / Bahasa Cina
• Physics / Pendidikan Seni Visual
• Prinsip Perakaunan / Biology

STEM C: Art Stream
• Science
• Perniagaan
• Prinsip Perakaunan / Bahasa Cina
• Pendidikan Seni Visual

Uniform Bodies

Junior 1:

• Living Skills
• Basic IT

Junior 3 - 6:

• Scouts
• Girl Guides
• St. John Ambulance
• Karate (ECA)
• Taekwondo (ECA)

Sports and Games

Junior 1 - 3 (Bubble CCA):

  • Rotation of Dodgeball,
  • Badminton & Kids Kinaesthetic

Junior 4 - 6:

• Rotation of of Basketball & Football
• Badminton
• Swimming
• Volleyball

Clubs and Societies

• REAL Scientists (Junior 1 - 3)
• Tech Media Wizard (Junior 4 - 6)
• 360 Creative Club
• Performing Arts (Speech and Drama/ Music Instrument/ Dance)
• Indoor Games

Senior 1 - 5

Uniform Bodies

• Girl Guides
• Scouts
• Karate (ECA)
• Taekwando (ECA)
• St. John Ambulance

Sports and Games

• Badminton
• Basketball
• Chess Club
• Futsal
• Swimming
• Table Tennis
• Track and Field
• Volleyball

Clubs and Societies

• Performing Arts
• Media Club
• Language
• Art & Craft
• Science & Technology


  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Board Games
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Chess/Chinese Chess
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
Clubs & Societies
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Arts & Craft
  • Art & Design
  • Living Skills
  • Speech & Drama
  • Dance and Movement
  • Fashion & Design
  • Girls Guide
  • Robotics
  • Diabolo


A safely guarded school with a serene environment. My kids feel at home here and we can't imagine schooling anywhere else! With supportive teachers and a good range of extra curricular activities and endless opportunities provided, my kids are growing up well and almost ready for the 21st century challenges awaiting them in their future.

Nor Shabeena Othuman Mydin, Parent

During lockdown, teachers use virtual online teaching & my 3 kids in Real Schools Cheras Campus gain a lot of knowledge through online teaching. Hardworking & dynamic teachers..Keep it up Real Schools Cheras Campus.

Darmindar Singh A/L Sarban Singh, Parent

Its an awesome place with great facilities. A lot of changes have taken place over the years, when technologies are given greater importance.

Ramesh Manikam, Parent

Relationships between teachers n students are very good. Still keep in touch with each other even though the school is closed due to covid-19.

Samrulnida Hafinadia binti Samsani, Parent

R.E.A.L International School has broaden my horizons and made me go further than I thought I be able to. I've achieved many accomplishments here and I hope to achieve more. The teachers here makes classes both fun and educational. From my many international friends here I've learnt things about their country and their language. The school offers many amenities including a swimming pool, library and science labs. R.E.A.L gave me everything I wanted in a good education and more.

Jacqueline Chan, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

This place is amazing! Not only does it have multiple swimming pools but also a huge football field and 2 libraries. This place is a great place for your child’s mind to grow I would highly recommend!

Cheung Lok Kwan, Parent

1. The teaching method is good, the teachers are active and cooperate with parents 2. The child's English ability has improved during the school learning process, which makes me feel very relieved. The school teacher's teaching attitude is serious. 3. Especially during the MCO, the school took the initiative to deduct the tuition fee and immediately took the students to learn online video, so that the children at home would not waste their studies. This really made me see a big difference from other private schools my children attended whose lack of attention and the urging of tuition fees really disappointed me.

Wong Marcus, Parent

There is an iPad you can use for online classes, (during quarantine instead of skipping school because you don’t have a gadget) I have stayed here for five years and I have never ever had a day without fun. The teachers are kind and fun too! I also have a great best friend!

Faith Chan Waisam, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

R.E.A.L Schools was truly a life-changing experience for me and revealed a world of unlimited possibilities. The core curriculum provided me with an excellent foundation for higher learning and has defined my overall, personal well-being. It broadens me intellectually to become a well-rounded person. Having achieved straight A’s throughout all examinations from UPSR to SPM, many people were surprised to know that I was also highly involved in extracurricular activities. I am currently attending my summer course at King’s College in London and will continue finishing my course in NUS soon. My achievements are a direct reflection of my R.E.A.L education, and I am eternally grateful for that experience.

Paula Paw Pin Pin, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

Great place for our children to gain the knowledge and skills. Online learning performed well during the covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to teachers & schools.

Nurul Bariah, Parent

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