Core Curriculum

Early Years

REAL Schools Early Years education is carefully designed to help young learners develop their social, emotional and personal skills through a thematic approach that incorporates literacy, numeracy, STEAM and Personal, Social Health & Emotional Development.

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Private National School Cheras

Welcome to REAL Private National School Cheras

Our unwavering commitment to delivering a comprehensive and tailored curriculum ensures that your child not only receives the best education possible but also thrives in one of the leading private schools in Cheras.

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igcse pathway

IGCSE Pathway Programme at REAL Schools Cheras

IGCSE Pathway is an extra-curricular preparation programme offered at REAL Private National School Cheras, where students have the option to sit for the Checkpoint and IGCSE examinations while studying the Malaysian National Curriculum.

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What Makes Us Different

Learning in one of Selangor’s best private schools centres around experiential learning. Students are encouraged to explore life beyond the classroom to equip them for the REAL world.  

Experiential learning is the practice of learning through doing. This learning technique encourages students to have first-hand experiences embracing indoor and outdoor environments rather than learning through lectures or textbooks in classrooms.

What makes REAL School Cheras different than other private schools

Book a visit to REAL Schools Cheras Campus now! Explore the campus with your child and converse with one of our consultants or teachers. 

Welcome to REAL Schools Cheras!


The school has provided us a wider range of facilities and experienced teachers. When the MCO was announced, i was quite worried about my studies as i’m a science stream spm candidate this year. All the teachers continue to conduct their lessons via online platforms and i can understand all the topics very well. We do not have to skip any lesson at all during this MCO period.

Chua Pei Xuan, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

This school has changed my life in a lot of ways, there were lots of ups and downs but overall it shaped me into a better person and i really appreciate the effort all the teachers gave into teaching their students. I hope this school will continue to shape a better future for their students!

Muhammad Daanial, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

R.E.A.L Schools was truly a life-changing experience for me and revealed a world of unlimited possibilities. The core curriculum provided me with an excellent foundation for higher learning and has defined my overall, personal well-being. It broadens me intellectually to become a well-rounded person. Having achieved straight A’s throughout all examinations from UPSR to SPM, many people were surprised to know that I was also highly involved in extracurricular activities. I am currently attending my summer course at King’s College in London and will continue finishing my course in NUS soon. My achievements are a direct reflection of my R.E.A.L education, and I am eternally grateful for that experience.

Paula Paw Pin Pin, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

I was given a lot of opportunities to grow and learn, both in and out of the classroom. What I loved most about my experience there was that we were constantly pushed to excel in not just our classes but also in other areas of life. Extremely thankful to have met some really wonderful teachers who've provided me with a lot of advice that really helped me to be the person I am today.

Priyanka Vania, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

Each year when we have an event, I will be excited and when I reach home I tell to my parents that before I even greet them because I’m so excited! To every teacher that is reading this, I want to say that thank you for teaching me for 4 years. I will be here next year for my UPSR. I hope I’ll do well and make the teachers proud.

Farah Alexandria Faizal Binti Abdullah, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

This school has given me a lot of opportunities such as Next Big Chef, charity projects, exchange programs that has inspired me to improve myself to be a better person. The teachers are very caring towards all the students and have been involved with our education along the way.

Sophie Lim, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

One of the most outstanding schools in Cheras.If you are looking for good education for your children, this is the place to go to. The facilities of this school is fantastic.I have been in this school for six years and it is one of the best schools I have ever been to.

Rakhael, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

After graduating from R.E.A.L Schools for such a long time, I begin to miss those memorable moments of being well-guided by a group of dedicated teachers. R.E.A.L is not just a school that merely focuses on academics, but it is their philosophy to nurture their students with high character values and inner development. As an aerospace stress & design engineer, I have to perform my duties in ensuring that an aircraft has the necessary structural integrity and proper design concept that is safe for both commercial and defence purposes. These require the application of various important skills ranging from critical thinking, active communication and problem solving skills, of which foundations I am glad to have built during my time at R.E.A.L Schools.

Cheah Zi Chang, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

There is an iPad you can use for online classes, (during quarantine instead of skipping school because you don’t have a gadget) I have stayed here for five years and I have never ever had a day without fun. The teachers are kind and fun too! I also have a great best friend!

Faith Chan Waisam, REAL Schools, Cheras Campus

1. The teaching method is good, the teachers are active and cooperate with parents 2. The child's English ability has improved during the school learning process, which makes me feel very relieved. The school teacher's teaching attitude is serious. 3. Especially during the MCO, the school took the initiative to deduct the tuition fee and immediately took the students to learn online video, so that the children at home would not waste their studies. This really made me see a big difference from other private schools my children attended whose lack of attention and the urging of tuition fees really disappointed me.

Wong Marcus, Parent

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REAL Schools Cheras Campus

Lot 217, Batu 13, Jalan Hulu Langat, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor Malaysia


+603 9021 3601 / +6019 3163 600

REAL Schools Cheras Campus FAQ

Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

24, as we aim to focus on individual attention in smaller class sizes.

We have a school counsellor available on campus.

We run a written test (Bahasa Malaysia, English, Maths) for National/Private school admissions.

Yes. The transportation service is operated by reliable third parties who cover Cheras, KL, Ampang and Kajang area to and from at REAL Schools Cheras.

Yes, our school cafeteria only provides halal food. Vegetarian options are available too. Learn more about the REAL Schools Cheras cafeteria by clicking the link.

REAL Schools Cheras offers a comprehensive list of extracurricular activities, including various physical and sports activities click here to check it out.

REAL Schools Cheras offers various sporting activities within the curriculum. Click here to check it out.

We have facilities for a number of sports including basketball, badminton, track and field and swimming. See the full list on our campus facilities page to find out more.

We have a library, cafeteria, hall, science labs, music room, makerspace, art room, culinary lab and sewing room. Visit our campus facilities page to find out more.

Learning in REAL Schools Cheras is centred around experiential learning. Students are encouraged to explore life beyond the classroom to equip them for the VUCA world.

Private schools are privately owned and operated. We incorporate our own teaching curriculum, textbooks and teaching manuals in addition to what’s included in the Malaysian National curriculum.

Monthly installments start from RM1,270. Below are the enhanced subjects:

Junior School:

  • Cambridge English
  • Singapore Maths
  • Cambridge Science
  • SJKC Mandarin
  • ICT
  • STEM
  • KKM / Character Building
  • REAL Time

Senior School:

  • Cambridge English
  • SPM Mandarin
  • STEM
  • KKM / Character Building
  • REAL Time