REAL Career Guidance Process

Our unique career guidance process is built on two main pillars:

Pillar 1: Discovering Self

Pillar 2: Discovering the Working World

Students are given help and guidance at REAL Schools to discover their strengths, talents, interests, personality and life goals.

Students have opportunities to understand the different career options available in today’s fast changing world that is shaped by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Real Work Simulation Projects

Year 4 to 11 (Junior 4 to Senior 5) students will have the opportunity to experience 2 work simulations a year. These simulations have been designed in partnership with universities and corporations to give students an in-depth experience of what it is like to work in a particular industry.

●     Tech Innovation Simulations

●     Business Consulting Simulations

●     Medical and Healthcare Simulations

●     Legal World Simulations

●     Finance and Accounting Simulations

●     Engineering Simulations

●     Education Simulations

●     Stock Market and Investment Simulations

●     Marketing and PR Simulations

Real World Leadership Programme

Under this unique programme, REAL Schools will allow students the opportunity to take responsibility and leadership in all the programmes that the schools run. By replacing the old-style prefectorial system with this new leadership model, REAL Schools give students real experiences in leadership:

●     Sporting leaders

●     Academic leaders

●     Community leaders

●     Literary leaders

●     Performing Arts leaders

●     Event Management leaders

●     Media leaders

●     Tech Innovation leaders

●     Student Wellbeing leaders

Real World Internship Programme

In partnership with Industry leaders, REAL Schools will make arrangements for our older students from Year 10 (Secondary 4) to spend some time at selected corporations and organisations as interns to have a good idea what it means to be in a real working environment. This is also an opportunity for students to develop ties with key people in the industry they are particularly interested in.

Annual Careers Discovery Week

REAL Schools holds an annual Careers Discovery Week with key industry figures invited to share with our students the unique challenges and opportunities in their industry. There will also be Career Exhibitions to give students the opportunity to explore the career options in the industry they are interested in.

Self-discovery Workshops

We run self-discovery workshops to help students come to appreciate where their talents, interests and passions are, to discover their personality and give them the tools to begin to formulate their life goals.

Virtual Book

The Apple iPad Programme provides every student with the tools to compile all the work that they have accomplished throughout their time in school — a virtual book of accomplishments. It will be a valuable tool for them to help find the areas where they can excel and will also be a useful beginning for them to maintain a portfolio of their accomplishments.

Helping Students Find Their Path

All the experiences and guidance that we will give to all REAL Schools students will help them along the path of discovering self and discovering the world and in doing so that they will have the knowledge to discover their life path and vocation.