Overview of REAL Champs - Special Needs Division

The primary goal of the program is to provide specialized education and learning support to these children. This support comes in the form of guidance from qualified teachers and therapists who are trained to work with children with diverse learning needs. The ultimate objective is to help these children transition successfully back into mainstream education within a timeframe of 1-3 years.

Why Enrol into REAL Champs - Special Needs Division?

REAL Champs - Special Needs Division recognises the importance of a well-rounded education, and as such, it focuses on key subjects such as Math, English, Science, Physical Education (PE), Computer studies, and Art. By incorporating these subjects into the program, it ensures that the children not only receive targeted support for their specific learning needs but also have the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience.

How Is REAL Champs - Special Needs Division Being Implemented?

One of the distinctive features of the REAL Champs - Special Needs Division is its commitment to facilitating the integration of these children back into mainstream classes. The approach is holistic, aiming to provide the children with the best of both worlds. This means that after receiving specialized support in the program, they are gradually transitioned into mainstream classes, where they continue their education alongside their peers.

This program is a thoughtful and comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering children with special educational needs, providing them with the necessary support to overcome learning challenges, and facilitating their successful integration into mainstream education.  

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