What is IGCSE Pathway Programme?

The IGCSE Pathway programme is designed to help students gain the best of the Malaysian Curriculum (which places a strong emphasis on intensive content-based pedagogy that involves activities such as encoding, internalizing, and retaining information) and the IGCSE (with the strength of its skills-based pedagogy – applying, analysing, evaluating, and creating).

Private National students will be able to sit for checkpoint exams and eventually sit for the IGCSE ‘O’ Levels Examination while studying at REAL Private National School Cheras.   

Subjects Offered for IGCSE Pathway Programme

⦁ English as Second Language
⦁ Malay as Foreign Language
⦁ Mathematics
⦁ Combined Science (*for those who are not opting for pure science papers)

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mandarin as Foreign Language
  • Sociology

IGCSE Pathway Programme FAQs

The IGCSE Pathway programme is an extra-curricular preparation programme offered at REAL Private National School Cheras, where students have the option to take the Checkpoint and IGCSE examinations while studying the Malaysian National Curriculum.

There is an increasing demand for students to opt for the IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum, as it is recognised worldwide.

Private National Schools are generally more affordable. However, the Malaysian Curriculum emphasises calculating exercises, summarising drills, and memorising.

The IGCSE Curriculum, on the other hand, is very skill-based and emphasises more on analysing, application, creativity, and critical thinking for students through the many project-based learning activities.

By offering the IGCSE Pathway Programme, students are able to get the best of both worlds for a fraction of the fees usually paid to study in international schools.

Students opting to take the IGCSE Pathway will have an extra 5 hours of lessons per week.

Monday – Thursday (3.30 – 4.00pm)

Friday (1.00 to 4.00pm)

The IGCSE Pathway programme will begin in the next Academic Year which starts in March 2024.

All IGCSE related subjects will be taught by teachers from the REAL International School Cheras.

  • Junior 4 to Junior 6 will be eligible for Checkpoint 1,
  • Senior 1 to Senior 3 students are eligible for Checkpoint 2
  • Senior 4 students are eligible for the IGCSE ‘O’ Levels examinations.

They will need to fill out the registration form for confirmation and pay the course fee.

Students are required to take English, Mathematics and Science subjects for Checkpoints 1 and 2, and a minimum of six subjects for the IGCSE ‘O’ Level examinations.

The course fee will be RM1000 for each paper they take.

The examination fee is RM400 per paper (this amount is subject to a fee revision depending on the exchange rate at the point of billing).

The examination fee is RM650 per paper (this amount is subject to a fee revision depending on the exchange rate at the point of billing).

Parents may pay a full year’s course fee or two payments.

They will be allowed to make changes before the registration for the IGCSE ‘O’ Level examination.

Since students are already learning SPM BM in the national schools, sitting for the Malay Language paper in IGCSE will be an added advantage as they will be able to score higher grades.

Parents would need to provide a one term written notice based on the school academic calendar. A student will not be registered for the IGCSE examination if a withdrawal notice has been submitted before the registration deadline.

Yes, they can.

The deposit will be forfeited.

A remark will also be made on their School Leaving Certificate regarding this.