The REAL Schools Apple iPad Programme

Past research indicates that the introduction of technology like iPads only enhances learning if it is carefully and meaningfully integrated into the school system and curriculum and is accompanied by sufficient teacher training and preparation.

REAL Schools have undertaken the following steps to ensure effective implementation.

  • The APPLE Regional Education Team are our partners in this project and they advise on the programme rollout as well as to provide special training sessions for our teachers.
  • R.E.A.L Schools has also employed an external consultant for the iPad programme, Craig Kemp, a New Zealander who was the head of education technology at Stamford American International School, Singapore and currently a global education consultant who has many years of experience introducing iPad technology into top international schools around the world. Craig has been training our teachers and helping our school set up education technology (EdTech) coaching teams to ensure the rollout was smooth and effective.
  • All teachers received extensive training on how to use the iPads to enhance their classroom teaching from the Apple team and our consultant, Craig Kemp.
  • Every campus has established an EdTech team comprising seven teachers who have received specialist training from Craig Kemp to act as technology champions for the school as well as coaches and guides to the teachers on how to use the iPads effectively and meaningfully in their classrooms.
  • The network infrastructure of all campuses have been upgraded to fibre optic systems which increased the network performance a hundred fold from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, ensuring Enhanced WiFi capability
  • Apple TVs and Projectors have been installed in all classrooms, allowing real-time sharing and projection of learning activities.
  • To ensure students and staff do not abuse the iPads, REAL Schools has drawn up a responsible use of technology policy which forbids students from using the iPads in a negative or destructive way including cyber bullying or accessing inappropriate content from the Internet.
  • We have also employed a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that enables IT administrators to ensure central security and control and monitor iPads deployed within the school (e.g. security access, pushing and disabling of apps, monitoring activities, etc.) No games other than educational apps are downloaded into the school iPads.
  • Use of ‘Screen Time’ system ensures that both the School and parents can manage and control the iPad time for students to avoid excessive use and any form of addiction to the technology.
  • REAL Schools will hold special workshops for parents to understand better the role of technology in enhancing learning, online security, and how parents can manage and monitor their children’s technological usage.

We are excited to have introduced this important new technological component to our Schools and we believe that this iPad programme leads to better academic performance and a more enjoyable school experience.

At the same time, we want to assure all parents that this initiative will in no way distract teachers and students from focusing on the traditional, core academic skills like reading and writing. Similarly, students will still have more than enough time away from technology to engage in sports and other physical activities at school. We are committed to ensuring that students develop a balanced and responsible approach to the use of technology.