Core Curriculum

Early Years

REAL Schools Early Years education is carefully designed to help young learners develop their social, emotional and personal skills through a thematic approach that incorporates literacy, numeracy, STEAM and Personal, Social Health & Emotional Development.

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International School Shah Alam

Welcome to REAL International School Shah Alam, where academic excellence meets global standards.

Our institution, known for its commitment to quality education, offers world-renowned British curriculums, including Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and Cambridge IGCSE, spanning over 160 countries.

Let REAL International School Shah Alam prepare your child for global success with our comprehensive educational programs and a nurturing learning environment.

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Private National School Shah Alam

Welcome to REAL Schools Shah Alam, one of the top private schools in Shah Alam.

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive and tailored curriculum ensures your child receives the best education possible.

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What Makes Us Different

REAL Private and International School Shah Alam champions in paving the way for future leaders by promoting leadership and collaborative skills while building their confidence as they progress.

What makes REAL School Shah Alam different than other private schools

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I have 2 kids in this school. One in national senior and the other is in RIS. In general, I am happy with the teachers who are teaching my kids as they have shown dedication and is always willing to assist them when needed. The implementation of the ipad learning was very timely as online classes could be conducted during the entire MCO period.

Michael Lee, Parent

I just loved the environment of school. Being from REAL Schools Shah Alam (Seri Cahaya) was more than just going to school and studying, it embodies friendship and instills other values in life, that till today, I put into practice. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure the success of their students, and that is what education is all about an experience.

Shahzeeq Shahren, REAL Schools, Shah Alam Campus

My recent experience with REAL Schools Shah Alam was very satisfying; their security protocol is very strict and their staff were very friendly. It shows they are very much concern about our kids' safety and health.

Bakiyawathy Manikam, Parent

Every child deserves a happy childhood. Thank you for creating a happy place for my niece.

Priya Mani, Aunt

I am really pleased to say that I am from REAL Schools Shah Alam (Seri Cahaya) simply because this school not only achieve great academic recognition but it allows a student to integrate various life skills into one’s self. From learning to plan small events, carrying out team projects and even attending seminars, I have definitely developed not only as a student but into a confident, intelligent and diligent person. The immense effort that the teachers and staff put in for the students makes “Cahaya” a truly R.E.A.L school to be in.

Mandeep Singh, REAL Schools, Shah Alam Campus

REAL Schools Shah Alam (SSC) wasn’t just a school for me, but rather my second home. I was constantly looking forward for school as there were so many exciting activities. Every day I can expect to learn something new. The diversified community has given me the opportunity to learn and understand other cultures. The teachers were so approachable that I could easily have a good chat with them about pretty much anything. It was a true privilege for me to be from the school.

Wong Liteng, REAL Schools, Shah Alam Campus

My daughter was in REAL Early Years for the past 2 years. She had so much fun and always excited to go to school every morning. The teachers are really helpful and dedicated. Special thanks to Eleanor teachers, Ms Shamila and Ms Kamala for being such an amazing, helpful, patient and encouraging towards her for the past 2 years. She will definitely missed the school and teachers as she is embarking to her new journey in Year 1 soon.

NUR SHUHANA, REAL Schools Shah Alam Campus

I have 2 children studying here. They have not only flourished academically but also in sports. REAL believes in the holistic development of a child. Most importantly, my kids are happy.😄

Vanitha Vanar, Parent

I love my school and I am looking forward to going back to school once the MCO is over. The teachers are very very committed.

Nur Atiqah Mohd Haaziq, REAL Schools, Shah Alam Campus

I am totally impressed by the dedication of Dr Jeffery and Miss Mary who have through their hard work brought the school to such great heights. I am entitled to say this as I have been sending my 3 kids there for many many years. In fact I am proud to say that my son Muhammad Aliff is now on his way to undertake his medical studies without even having attended a single tuition but nevertheless scoring good marks in his IGSCE examination.

Mohd Haaziq, Parent

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REAL Private and International School Shah Alam FAQ

Students of REAL International School Shah Alam consists of 11 Nationalities

4 Local student : 1 International Student

Mandarin, Arabic, French & Tamil

25 students

We have a school counselor available on campus.

We run a CAT4 Online Diagnostic Test for International school admissions and Written Assessment for National/Private school admissions.

Yes, we have private transporters who are covering more than 20 areas to and from REAL Private and International Schools Shah Alam. The transporters are independent service providers and are not contracted by REAL Schools. Parents may initiate their own background search on the credibility and reliability of these transporters. All transporters are registered with the School Security and are required to follow Safety & Security Protocols within the school's premises. For more information, check out our list of transporters.

Yes, our school cafeteria only provides halal food. Vegetarian options are available too. Learn more about the REAL Schools Private and International School Shah Alam cafeteria by clicking the link.

We offer a list of extracurricular activities, including various physical and sports activities click here to check it out.

At REAL Private and International School Shah Alam, we have many sports facilities, indoors and outdoors, to help your child have the best schooling experience possible. Check out the full list of campus facilities now.

We have a library, cafeteria, hall, science labs, music room, makerspace, art room, culinary lab and sewing room. Visit the campus facilities page to find out more.

Learning for Life is a way of teaching where we focus on the student as a whole to bring out their leadership skills and unique talents. We focus on the learning that takes place in the brain as well as social emotional development and integrate all of the different areas of knowledge and human values, so that the student can learn and grow in all aspects of their life. We also emphasize on building good communication skills - an important life skill to succeed and excel in life.

Private schools are privately owned and operated. We incorporate our own teaching curriculum, textbooks and teaching manuals in addition to what’s included in the Malaysian National curriculum.

Our school payment is twice in a year or you can apply for an easy payment plan (EPP) or also known as a flexi payment plan (FPP) is a Maybank and Hong Leong credit card installment plan that allows you to convert your school fees to 6 months or 12 months payment.

International schools are different from private schools- as the former foundation is international education setup for their students by accepting curricula from another country (for instance the Cambridge International Examination. International School as a private school which offers preschool, primary and secondary school education using an International Curriculum and English as the medium of instruction. In Malaysia, the main and most popular types of curricula approved by the Education Ministry are the British, American, Australian, and Canadian curriculum (and more). The majority of these schools offer education from preschool till students are required to sit for an external international examination (like the IGCSE 'O' level, GCE 'A' levels or International Baccalaureate Diploma).The Ministry of Education defines an International School as a private school which offers preschool, primary and secondary school education using an International Curriculum and English as the medium of instruction.

REAL International School Shah Alam delivers British education based on the UK national curriculum from Primary to Secondary levels. We offer world-renowned programmes by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), including the Cambridge IGCSE, which is taken in over 160 countries worldwide.