Core Curriculum

Early Years

REAL Schools Early Years education is carefully designed to help young learners develop their social, emotional and personal skills through a thematic approach that incorporates literacy, numeracy, STEAM and Personal, Social Health & Emotional Development.

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International School Shah Alam

Welcome to REAL International School Shah Alam, where academic excellence meets global standards.

Our institution, known for its commitment to quality education, offers world-renowned British curriculums, including Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and Cambridge IGCSE, spanning over 160 countries.

Let REAL International School Shah Alam prepare your child for global success with our comprehensive educational programs and a nurturing learning environment.

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Private National School Shah Alam

Welcome to REAL Schools Shah Alam, one of the top private schools in Shah Alam.

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive and tailored curriculum ensures your child receives the best education possible.

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What Makes Us Different

REAL Private and International School Shah Alam champions in paving the way for future leaders by promoting leadership and collaborative skills while building their confidence as they progress.

What makes REAL School Shah Alam different than other private schools

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After leaving REAL Schools Shah Alam (Seri Cahaya) I am struck with the realisation that time spent in this place was akin to a gift. It was a time in my life where, in hindsight, the help of my teachers and my fellow students have given me the tools I needed, after this chapter in my life had come to an end. I will remember fondly of my memories there and hold them all close to my heart.

Adelyn Liu, REAL Schools, Shah Alam Campus

Real Early Years Shah Alam (formerly known as Realkids Shah Alam Campus) is such an amazing place. Both of our kids have gained so much from being in this structured but fun environment. They enjoyed going to school and always have so much to share afterwards. Their program is outstanding and teachers are very thoughtful and so engaged with children. Our kids have matured emotionally and developed so many new skills. Primary school here we come - we are ready!

Norzaireen Mohd Azmee, REAL Schools, Shah Alam Campus

R.E.A.L Schools has been the catalyst for the maturation of my developmental consciousness. As a student, I progressed into the public speaking arena; being awarded a panoply of accolades. I took part in the Malaysian debate scene, participated in international writing competitions and went on to achieve high distinctions. I also made great strides in the area of science-focused competitions and assumed many leadership positions. All in all, my achievements were recognized by the school as I was conferred the “Student Excellence Award.” Ever since my departure to Sunway University after having returned from Romania, I have become an established writer—publishing opinion pieces in the Star, The Sun Daily and Malaysiakini—received commendations from presitigous instituions such as Oxford University for my essays, appointed by the European Union to be a delegate at the EU-ASEAN KL summit. R.EA.L Schools ensures that it forges strong connections with alumni as it appointed me as a debate instructor long after I graduated to conduct a workshop for the students. R.E.A.L Schools pushes you to achieve the heights of your potential and always keeps you in its memory when you do.

Pravin Periasamy, Alumnus, REAL Schools Shah Alam Campus

I would like to thank the school for allowing me to develop as a performer. I was given numerous opportunities to perform at school events which helped me develop not just my singing skills, but my acting skills too. REAL International School has molded me and created in me unforgettable memories and experiences. I have no regrets spending my entire primary and secondary education life on the campus.

Academically, my years at the school proved to be worthwhile. With the encouragement of the dedicated teachers, I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve the results I aimed for. This inspired me to give my all during my IGCSE, and as a result, I managed to achieve my goal of straight A’s.

Nicole Ng Kylie, REAL International School alumni

My recent experience with REAL Schools Shah Alam was very satisfying; their security protocol is very strict and their staff were very friendly. It shows they are very much concern about our kids' safety and health.

Bakiyawathy Manikam, Parent

Very wonderful, kind and caring teachers, interesting school projects and assignments, holistic education, much emphasis on personal development rather than just exam-oriented. Overall, an excellent school.

Lavaanii, Parent

My REAL life experience continues here... I am grateful to be part of REAL International School in Shah Alam campus. A wise man once said “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning". The teachers here are very hardworking and committed in teaching and learning new things... great school and environment.

Mohd Amirul Mohd Sueb, Teacher

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to everyone. I am Suzanna. You can call me Sue. So here it goes; 9 years ago, I decided to enroll my three girls into Real. It was the best decision we have ever made in terms of their primary and secondary education. They loved school so much,..even more than their own home (I think). The teachers must have cast a magical spell because each of my daughters never complained about school. Their spirits were always up and they loved contributing that all of them are school prefects. Ive seen how hard they studied and how the teachers too have worked alongside each students,giving their very best. So today, to the dear students, after many months of hard work, its time you celebrate yourself. Its time you graduate and aim for higher stars! From behalf of the school board, congratulations and have a wonderful year ahead!❤️

Nur Suzanna, REAL Schools Shah Alam Campus

Studying at REAL Schools Shah Alam is one of the decisions I made which I will never regret. The school has provided me amazing opportunities to receive education from the most dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic team of teachers. It has also provided me a platform to build long-lasting friendships and nurture important values in life.

Marianne Tan Li Yun, REAL Schools, Shah Alam Campus

This is not the first time you taught my daughters. The first time was with Scarlett. Back then, COVID-19 was bad, and most of the time, classes were online. Then, Megan is very lucky to get to attend a fruitful physical education class with you.

I have to say you're a very caring yet strict teacher, which is a good balance for my child with you. I still remember that during the first semester, Megan requested that I ask to discuss this with you in order to place her with her favourite classmate. Without hesitation you rejected me instantly, the valid explanation from you and the betterment of Megan. I trusted your judgement and arrangements, and indeed, Megan has shown improvement in her behaviour and character.

In terms of academics, she has improved a lot, especially with her zero knowledge of BM, and now she knows how to tell me a little in Bahasa. I know it has been very tough for you to handle 22 kids all alone for the first semester, but you have tried your level best to teach everyone. Of course, it was even better when Teacher Nana joined. I can see your health has improved in some way.

Megan is a very chatty and talkative girl; she loves you and has been missing you dearly since the holidays started. Now she keeps asking if you could teach her in the 6-year-old class 😅.

Thank you for giving Megan a pleasant learning journey.

Joey Toh, REAL Schools Shah Alam Campus

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REAL Private and International School Shah Alam FAQ

Students of REAL International School Shah Alam consists of 11 Nationalities

4 Local student : 1 International Student

Mandarin, Arabic, French & Tamil

25 students

We have a school counselor available on campus.

We run a CAT4 Online Diagnostic Test for International school admissions and Written Assessment for National/Private school admissions.

Yes, we have private transporters who are covering more than 20 areas to and from REAL Private and International Schools Shah Alam. The transporters are independent service providers and are not contracted by REAL Schools. Parents may initiate their own background search on the credibility and reliability of these transporters. All transporters are registered with the School Security and are required to follow Safety & Security Protocols within the school's premises. For more information, check out our list of transporters.

Yes, our school cafeteria only provides halal food. Vegetarian options are available too. Learn more about the REAL Schools Private and International School Shah Alam cafeteria by clicking the link.

We offer a list of extracurricular activities, including various physical and sports activities click here to check it out.

At REAL Private and International School Shah Alam, we have many sports facilities, indoors and outdoors, to help your child have the best schooling experience possible. Check out the full list of campus facilities now.

We have a library, cafeteria, hall, science labs, music room, makerspace, art room, culinary lab and sewing room. Visit the campus facilities page to find out more.

Learning for Life is a way of teaching where we focus on the student as a whole to bring out their leadership skills and unique talents. We focus on the learning that takes place in the brain as well as social emotional development and integrate all of the different areas of knowledge and human values, so that the student can learn and grow in all aspects of their life. We also emphasize on building good communication skills - an important life skill to succeed and excel in life.

Private schools are privately owned and operated. We incorporate our own teaching curriculum, textbooks and teaching manuals in addition to what’s included in the Malaysian National curriculum.

Our school payment is twice in a year or you can apply for an easy payment plan (EPP) or also known as a flexi payment plan (FPP) is a Maybank and Hong Leong credit card installment plan that allows you to convert your school fees to 6 months or 12 months payment.

International schools are different from private schools- as the former foundation is international education setup for their students by accepting curricula from another country (for instance the Cambridge International Examination. International School as a private school which offers preschool, primary and secondary school education using an International Curriculum and English as the medium of instruction. In Malaysia, the main and most popular types of curricula approved by the Education Ministry are the British, American, Australian, and Canadian curriculum (and more). The majority of these schools offer education from preschool till students are required to sit for an external international examination (like the IGCSE 'O' level, GCE 'A' levels or International Baccalaureate Diploma).The Ministry of Education defines an International School as a private school which offers preschool, primary and secondary school education using an International Curriculum and English as the medium of instruction.

REAL International School Shah Alam delivers British education based on the UK national curriculum from Primary to Secondary levels. We offer world-renowned programmes by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), including the Cambridge IGCSE, which is taken in over 160 countries worldwide.