Whether your child is a beginner or needs additional support to excel in English, our English Language Learning Academy​ programme offers tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements. By blending innovative teaching methodologies, interactive activities, and personalised attention, we ensure a holistic learning environment that fosters growth and confidence in English language skills. 

Join our English Language Learning Academy​ programme designed especially for students with low English proficiency, now available for students from Year 3 - 9, rolling out in January 2024!  

Programme Pathway

Why Choose English Language Learning Academy​ Programme?​

  • At the heart of the English Language Learning Academy Programme lies our commitment to personalised education. Understanding that every student's journey is different, we offer a bespoke programme of study. Whether you are beginning your English language journey or advancing towards fluency, our programme adapts to your individual learning needs.

Our experienced and highly qualified specialist teachers are the guiding lights in our programme. They create supportive and engaging learning environments, focusing on the level of language acquisition of each student. Their expertise ensures that learning is not just about language, but also about cultural fluency and global communication.

The English Language Learning Academy Programme offers an interactive, 24-hour learning platform, allowing students to immerse themselves in English anytime, anywhere. This state-of-the-art platform is a gateway to an extensive range of resources, fostering continuous learning beyond the classroom.

Progress through the English Language Learning Academy Programme is marked by the unique 'Waves of Learning'. Each wave represents a milestone in the journey towards English fluency, celebrating the achievements and progress of our students.

To ensure that every student is on the right path, our programme includes rigorous assessments and highly-utilised tracking methods. These continuous evaluations provide valuable insights into each student's progress, allowing for timely support and adjustments in their learning plan.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Regular discussions and updates with parents provide opportunities for support and engagement in the learning process. This partnership is vital in creating a supportive ecosystem around each student.

Our ultimate goal is for all students in the English Language Learning Academy Programme to not only achieve fluency in English but also to become certified English Language Learners. Graduating from our programme signifies a major achievement in language mastery and opens doors to global opportunities.

To ensure that every student is on the right path, our programme includes rigorous assessments and tracking methods. These continuous evaluations provide valuable insights into each student's progress, allowing for timely support and adjustments in their learning plan. Parents will receive regular reports of their child’s progress. At the end of each term, students will undergo assessments to determine their readiness for graduation from the programme.    


Who is the ELLA* Programme designed for? 

Our ELLA* Programme is designed for International school students with low English proficiency from Years 3 - 9, providing a foundation for English language mastery from an early stage.

Can you explain the fee structure for each wave in the programme? How does the charging system differ between Wave 1 & 2, Wave 3, and Wave 4 in terms of teaching hours and associated fees? 

Wave 1 & 2 shall be complimentary with usual Term Fee 

Wave 3 carries up to 9 teaching hours per week and shall be charged in addition to usual Term Fee

Wave 4 is a full-term ELLA* hours 

Fees: please refer to the individual school's ELLA* fee structure (marketing team)  

What are the objectives of the ELLA* Programme? 

The primary objectives of the ELLA* Programme include develop high proficiency for students' speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. It focuses on building vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and effective communication. Students can then integrate into the mainstream curriculum and access learning smoothly after graduating ELLA*.  

How is the ELLA* Programme structured? 

The programme is structured into different levels or proficiency stages tailored to students' current language abilities. It typically involves a mix of classroom instruction, practical exercises, interactive activities, and assessments.   

After students are deemed to be able to return to the mainstream academics from Wave 4, do they return to their age-appropriate level?   

Students will move through the different development stages of English acquisition. They will normally move through the different Waves (4 to 1), in order to support their language acquistion. As each child is unique, this will be decided based on each individual student's progress.

Yes, students will return to their age-appropriate level once they are ready to return to mainstream academics.  

What are the teacher’s qualifications?   

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, with TESOL/TEFL equivalent.  

If after 2 terms of studying Waves 3 & 4 English, will there be an assessment conducted to determine student’s improvement before they progress into the mainstream?   

Ongoing assessment will happen through the lessons. However, Students will be formally assessed using the Cambridge English assessments at the end of each term. Based on these results students will move on to the next stage when they are deemed ready by our ELLA* teachers. For Wave 3 students, ELLA* teachers will work closely with classroom/subject teachers to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes.  

Can students join in any term including term 3 for Wave 4 (Midterm)?  

Yes, they can.

What kind of criteria has been set for determining whether my child will need ELLA* support or not?

It is intitially based on CAT4 verbal reasoning scores, followed by Cambridge English placement test and English language learning interview where applicable.

What teaching methods and approaches are used to enhance English language skills through ELLA* programme?

ELLA* teachers will be teaching the Cambridge English framework which follows the CEFR (Common European Framework).   

*ELLA is an abbreviation for English Language Learning Academy

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