Performing Arts Programme

  • Music & Drama is compulsory for all Year 1 to 9 (Junior 1 to Senior 3) students as part of our core curriculum. REAL students will enjoy the freedom to express themselves through dance, drama and music and develop the confidence to speak and perform in public and among their peers.
  • In our Communication Skills programme, drama will be integrated into the Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and English lessons.
  • Every student will be involved in a play or musical performance at our yearly concert.

Examples and Achievements

'The Jungle Book' musical

Music & Drama Showcase

Mesmerising ‘MERAKI’

Tale of Lucy in Concert - Lucy

‘Jungle Book' Swings to Life

Students Spread Spirit & Cheer of Chinese New Year

Cahayan Got Talent

Music & Drama Showcase

Discover Our 10 Real World Skills

We live in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) that is being shaped by the 4th and 5th industrial revolutions. At R.E.A.L Schools we believe that REAL education prepares students for the REAL world. Our team of educators have put together a unique and enhanced school curriculum that makes education relevant and exciting and will ensure that your child is ready to thrive in the REAL world.

Digital Skills

Entrepreneurial Skills

Global Skills

Moral Skills

Scientific Skills

Communication Skills

Sporting & Outdoor Survival Skills

Innovative Skills

Psychological Skills