COVID-19 Safety Protocols

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Covid-19 Health & Safety Protocols

Our protocols have concentrated on the following 5 priority areas:

Priority 1: Preventing any Covid-19 Positive Person from Entering the School

  • All students, staff, and visitors will undergo temperature screening at entry points into the school (those with a body temperature of 37.5°C and above will be referred to the school nurse for immediate action)
  • Limiting non-essential visitors during school hours (by appointment only)
  • All staff and visitors will be required to register via an on-site QR Code scan each time upon arrival or by filling up a manual register at the Security Registration counter
  • Students are required to submit the Travel & Health ‘Self Declaration Form’ (SDF) upon arrival or entering school (one-time declaration only) via online pre-submission or by filling up a manual form

Priority 2: Social Distancing

Classrooms will be arranged in compliance with MOE requirements with a one (1) metre distance between each student’s desk

  • Clear flooring demarcation for students to maintain safe distance in all key areas / facilities within the school
  • No shaking hands, high fives, hugging or any physical contact
  • Staggered arrival and dismissal times for students with scheduled intervals to avoid overcrowding

Priority 3: ‘Circuit Breaker’ Measures

The following are measures to minimize any direct contact between students of different classes and year groups:

  • No assemblies or large student events that involve students of different classes will be allowed
  • Primary students’ meals will be served in classrooms while the Secondary students will have their meals in the classrooms after picking up their food from the cafeteria / canteen
  • No Physical Education (PE) or Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) that involve mixing of students from different classes will be held
  • Students will not be allowed to mingle with other classes in the corridors and common areas

Priority 4: Practising Good Personal Hygiene

  • Hand sanitisers will be installed at all entry points and near every classroom
  • Students will be reminded to regularly wash and sanitise their hands
  • Face masks to be worn in common areas including hallways at all times
  • Students and staff will have the option of wearing either face masks or face shields in the classrooms. Face shields will be kept by the school and will be cleaned and sanitised daily
  • No sharing of food, utensils, cups, plates, and bowls. Students are required to bring their own cutleries from home
  • No sharing of classroom equipment unless immediately sanitised
  • No activities with students sitting on the floor / mat
  • Cafeteria operators to practise ‘cashless’ transactions

Priority 5: Ensuring a Clean Campus Environment

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of frequently-touched objects such as door knobs / handles, light switches, handrails, tables, chairs, whiteboards, notice boards, stationeries, and computer peripherals (keyboard & mouse) by the school cleaners
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of common areas such as classrooms, labs, libraries, halls, washrooms, admin offices, and staff rooms
  • Toilets / washrooms will be cleaned and disinfected hourly. 
  • Learning equipment / apparatus in classrooms and in labs to be cleaned after every teaching session
  • Used learning materials to be disposed into covered waste bins