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July 14, 2016
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July 14, 2016

Training Thespian Talents

After months of planning, the eagerly-awaited ‘Theatre Ensemble’ finally came to fruition for R.E.A.L International School, Shah Alam Campus. A total of 130 students from Year 6 to 9 as well as the Senior Section of the campus’ R.E.A.L Schools National assembled for the Ensemble to perform its maiden performance called ‘Do We Ever See Grace?’

2016_cahaya_ensemble02The play was directed by Christopher Ling from theatrethreesixty – an organization that provides avenues for passionate individuals to share their stories through the art of performing as well as paving the way for new Malaysian theatre. In similar vein, R.E.A.L Schools’ student musicals and stage plays – yearly mainstays of our unique and robust extracurricular offering – offer students priceless platforms to pursue their passion whilst realizing hidden potential.

Students had a fascinating glimpse of what real theatre was all about; gaining insightful tips and expert guidance from professionals like Christopher on the finer details of ‘play acting’, so to speak. It certainly worked wonders as the budding actors pulled off a stunning performance of the play, which not only exemplified their talent but also showed amazing collaboration between both sets of national and international students. The wheels of the Theatre Ensemble were set in motion due to the following:

  • To achieve higher standards and goals for the performing arts through comtemporary theatre performances
  • To build a sense of purpose in life beyond the classroom
  • To change the school’s conventional concerts and musicals to a more modern body of work based on current theatre trends

2016_cahaya_ensemble03This conscious move to gradually shift from traditional school plays to more sophisticated performing art performances that befit today’s day and age is certainly commendable and noteworthy. R.E.A.L Schools constantly strives to impart both knowledge and skills via unconventional and innovative ways; creating opportunities for students to gain precious real-life experience via hands-on and practical means.  This helps to cultivate creativity, confidence, language skills and teamwork; all of which are essential to R.E.A.L’s educational philosophy and core values.

Overall, the inaugural Theatre Ensemble proved effective in raising the bar and improving the standard of performing arts at R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus; enabling the school to continue producing students who are not only academically excellent, but who flourish in artistic fields as well.

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