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Towering Above KL

Field trips have always been an important part of R.E.A.L Schools’ experiential learning approach. One which took place earlier this year involved 43 students and four teachers from R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus; who visited the iconic KL Tower and its Observation Deck and Blue Coral Aquarium, as well as the nearby Upside Down House.

Constructed in 1994 at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KL Tower is certainly one of Malaysia’s most recognizable landmarks. It is visible from almost anywhere in the city; not surprisingly as the tower stands at 421 meters tall and offers visitors spectacular views of the capital.

Upon arriving in the morning, the group was welcomed and briefed by the staff on duty on a few house rules to observe. They were then taken to the theatre room to watch a 20-minute video on the construction of KL Tower, which showed how the tower was built via a three-phase process and took four years to complete.


Up next was the eagerly-anticipated visit to the enclosed Observation Deck, which is perched at 276 meters above ground level which provides breathtaking 360-degree views of KL. The students savoured these views before immediately whipping out their cameras and smartphones to take selfies, group photos and panoramic shots of the stunning skyline scenery.

Another major attraction at KL Tower was the Blue Coral Aquarium. An abundance of colourful coral fish species and other sea creatures were on display, creating a hypnotic kaleidoscope of colour and movement. Students were mesmerized by the sheer diversity of marine life and even learnt a thing or two about these precious inhabitants of the underwater realm.

The final stop of the tour saw the group dropping by the nearby Upside Down House which is built, you guessed it, completely upside-down along with ‘gravity-defying’ furniture! Appreciating the brilliant architecture of the topsy-turvy house, the group had fun moments taking creative yet funny photos. It was a truly unique experience that literally turned their world upside down.

All in all, the trip went a long way in promoting active learning but more importantly, valuable and enjoyable experiences to students. Such excursions also offer opportunities for them to bond among themselves beyond the classroom and school environment, while broadening their knowledge and interest on local attractions.

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