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June 23, 2017
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The Pyramid Myth Captivates All

by Nicole Wen Sue Wei (Year 10) & Ilnaz Aisyah Faizal (Year 10)

For three days from 18th to 20th May 2017, the Hall of Character of R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus was transformed into the Ancient Civilization of Egypt; long revered to be an inspiration for many iconic movies and cultures. The gorgeous musical was self produced from head to toe. Like a blank slate of marble, the hall was intimately carved into another timeline as gorgeous as Michelangelo’s David.


Both the campus’ National and International campuses joined heads to make the transformation possible.  Sweat, tears, and time had been spent to put the grand project into place. ‘Practice makes perfect’. And for the actors and actresses of Pyramid Myth, no phrase could be truer as they immersed themselves into their respective personas; all suited up in costumes designed by their talented and creative schoolmates. Props, stage set and even scripts were only further details to the masterpiece.


Pyramid Myth depicts the sorrowful anger of Princess Aria towards her merciless father who suppresses his people with unjust cruelty. The King’s actions do not sit well with his daughter and she thus sets out to make things right to protect her kingdom. She works to overthrow her sire; with the help of her maidservant Hesi as well as the merchant Ziyad. The fates of a common slave by the name of Aker as well as Aria and her father, are interwoven in ways she never imagined – secrets that are buried safe in the embrace of the deceased Queen.


Filled with innovative musical scores, beautiful costume designs, and amazing stage settings; Pyramid Myth is jam packed with glorious feats achieved by the gifted cast and crew. The students also paid no expense in working hard to put on a wonderful performance. Student Alya Syafiqah, who played Princess Aria said, “To me the biggest challenge was expressing myself as I am naturally a very shy person. But this musical has helped me to build up my confidence!”

Her fellow main cast Adam Adnan, who played Aker, remarked that in the past, he had always played the role of a villain. But this time, he was able to perform as the kind protagonist. Many other students also took up diverse roles such as supporting characters, dancers, choir singers and even musicians.


During the intermission of each show throughout the three days, the audience was treated to a magnificent fashion show featuring a visual feast of beautiful clothes. Every single dress, pants and suit that was flaunted down the runway was designed, produced and modelled by the students and teachers themselves.


Overall, the teachers were able to see immense improvement in their students during rehearsals, as they were able to come together and put on a stellar performance. They even learned how to juggle their time between practices and class studies. Unsurprisingly, R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus was able to put on yet another spellbinding musical that certainly lived up to the reputation of their previous productions. At R.E.A.L Schools, students are instilled with excellent leadership and fellowship skills along with a sense of responsibility that will serve them well in life.

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