Surians ‘Paint Memories’ at National Art Gallery

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June 22, 2015
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July 14, 2015

Surians ‘Paint Memories’ at National Art Gallery

Art is an expression of human creativity which is typically depicted in visual form such as paintings or sculptures, and is capable of communicating powerful ideas and evoking strong emotions. As such, with the aim of exposing students to the broad canvas of visual arts; R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras organized a trip to the National Visual Arts Gallery & Handicraft Centre in March this year. Accompanied by teachers Ms. Annie, Pn. Shahara, Pn. Mazalena and Pn. Mastura; the 40 students were eager to learn more about Malaysia’s visual arts collection, history and industry.

Warmly greeted by assistant curator Hazrul Amin, the group was first briefed on the general rules and regulations of the gallery which had to be observed at all times. The much-anticipated tour then began with the students taking in the wide range of artworks on display; which ranged from local to foreign artists and oil to abstract painting. From one showroom to another, there was plenty to captivate the mind and inspire one’s imagination. Looking beyond what is on the surface, the students were given a brief explanation behind some of the works of art, gaining better insight into the inspiration and creative process which artists go through in order to produce their wonderful creations.

The tour commenced after lunch when everyone was ushered to the National Handicraft Centre, with the first stop being the ‘Village of Batik Art’ section. Here, students were given a rare hands-on opportunity in learning the skill of batik painting from trained professionals. With this being a first-time experience for many members of the group, the batik-painting experience was one to cherish. At the end of the session, everyone got to keep their batik as a memento of their visit. Overall, it was truly an exciting and educational day for the Surians who treated their senses to a visual feast of stunning artworks while gaining better appreciation and understanding of art itself.

Excursions such as these typify the philosophical approach of R.E.A.L Schools which is to extend learning beyond books and the classroom setting. Providing these active learning platforms enable R.E.A.L Schools to breed excellence within students by fostering their creativity. ‘Creativity’ makes up one of the ‘5C’ core values of R.E.A.L, signifying its significance in nurturing well-rounded individuals.

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