Surian Cross Country a ‘Runaway Success’

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May 16, 2016
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May 16, 2016

Surian Cross Country a ‘Runaway Success’

There are very few events in the school calendar that are able to bring together all sections of the R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus community and even attract ex-students back to their alma mater. The annual ‘Surian Cross Country Run’ is one of them.

2016_suria_crosscountry_02Early this year, this most anticipated of events saw participation comprising students of all levels from both the campus’ National and International schools. Participants were raring to go, assembling at the school field clad in their colourful sports attire according to their respective houses; Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. Similar to previous years, the trail or running route took participants on long stretches of roads, housing estates, hills and forested areas.

Health and safety is always a top priority however, and the school’s uniform bodies such as Scouts and St. John deployed their members for duty, assigned to provide care and assistance when called upon. The support and encouragement from everyone was essential in making the run a success.

At the end of the run, all participants gathered back at the campus’ Hall of Character for the prize-giving ceremony where medals were awarded to the top finishers who clocked the best times. Staying true to tradition, the Surian Cross Country presented challenges to runners which test their competitive spirit and physical prowess to the limit; in terms of speed, fitness, strength and endurance.

At the end of the day however, the run was not about who crossed the finish line first, but merely crossing the finish line. Participants did not only manage to overcome natural or environmental obstacles throughout the race, but also had the opportunity to break down barriers which may have existed amongst the different school sections of the campus.

2016_suria_crosscountry_03Thus; whether National or International, Junior or Senior, every student participant went home a winner that day as the Surian Cross Country Run once again proved be a worthwhile, enjoyable and highly-beneficial event. As far as balanced education goes; it is an effective platform to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, discover running talents, as well as to cultivate sportsmanship and to instill individual self-confidence in one’s ability.

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