Shah Alam Campus Ushers in New Year in Style

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February 22, 2016
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March 14, 2016

Shah Alam Campus Ushers in New Year in Style

With 2016 marking the arrival of the Year of the Monkey, teachers and students of R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus recently celebrated Chinese New Year in the spirit of joy, togetherness and prosperity. Held on 5 February at the campus’ Hall of Character, this year’s event witnessed a wide range of diverse entertainment dished out by a talented ensemble, comprising students as well as specially-invited performers and magicians who wowed the audience with their skill and showmanship.

The event commenced with a speech by Ms. Serena Chow, General Manager of R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus, in which she praised the students’ enthusiasm in dressing up for the event. Many were garbed in exquisite Chinese festive wear that fitted the occasion to a T. Chairman of R.E.A.L Education Group, Dr. Sim Quan Seng, who also came traditionally-clad for the day, expressed his appreciation towards being given the privilege and opportunity to officially open the auspicious event.

A thrilling Lion Dance performance by members of the school’s Lion Dance Club soon kicked off proceedings with a bang. Every attendee was captivated by the students’ dexterous display, which was comparable to that of professional performers. From the dynamic and exhilarating to the demure and elegant, the enchanting Umbrella Dance was up next, performed by a pretty and precocious bunch of preschoolers from R.E.A.L Kids, Shah Alam Campus. They mesmerized the crowd with graceful moves; rolling, twisting and turning their mini Oriental umbrellas with poise, ease and harmony.

The show did not end there however, with the students of both international and national schools coming together to put up a dazzling Diabolo performance. Diabolo, also known as the ‘Chinese yo-yo’, is an integral part of ancient Chinese culture. Requiring excellent hand-eye coordination and nimble balance, the students showed off a combination of moves with varying levels of difficulty, much to the crowd’s delight. A magic show and special mask-changing performance keep the excitement going, leaving the audience more than a little bemused with the array of mystifying tricks and illusions.

After the curtains came down on yet another fabulous R.E.A.L Schools event, the Shah Alam Campus community was left with a renewed sense of hope, energy and optimism for a great 2016 ahead. As we ‘swing’ into the Year of the Monkey, this celebration served as a perfect platform to strengthen ties and camaraderie with one another, against a backdrop of Chinese culture and its rich tapestry. The R.E.A.L core values of Collaboration and Creativity were also practised in abundance as the latest chapter of Shah Alam Campus’ Chinese New Year celebrations ended amidst applause and aplomb.

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