We guide our students through their transformative stages to constantly reemerge as better versions of themselves – more knowledgeable, more confident and more at ease when navigating the great big world. The results of which have been perceptible by parents, teachers, alumni and the students themselves. In their own words, they share their unique experiences from their acquaintance with R.E.A.L Schools.

Student Profiles


Shooting for Glory

Joseph is a natural and highly-promising talent who continues to leave his mark at shooting ranges locally and abroad; while slowly carving a name for himself on the international shooting scene, this sports-loving R.E.A.L student has higher dreams and ambitions to realise - becoming the youngest Malaysian shooter to ever qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to be specific. Among his notable achievements include bagging a gold medal at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF) as well as gold and silver medals at the Southeast Asian Championships (SEASA).


Targeting Further Success

Sebastian is a special talent in archery as he has massive potential to become an intelligent athlete with exceptional all-round understanding of the sport. At his tender age, this R.E.A.L student has already hit several noteworthy ‘targets’, including winning gold medals at both the Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSS) and Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) levels. Sebastian’s immediate aim is to represent the state and to produce more consistent performances.


Cambridge's Cream of the Crop

Stephanie was recognised for her exceptional exam results during the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. She was awarded Top in Malaysia for Business Studies and Third Best in Malaysia for nine Cambridge IGCSE subjects, making her among the top IGCSE students in Malaysia. Dedicating her success to her teachers, Stephanie’s accomplishments are mainly attributed to her positive attitude, diligence and possessing an enquiring mind, passion to learn, and a mature work ethic.

Student Testimonials


Student of Year 10, R.E.A.L International School

R.E.A.L International School has definitely changed my life and who I will come to be. One of the best things about the school is undoubtedly its people. There is never a dull moment with the kind of diversity around me; there are students from all over the world in my class and there is so much that we can share! The teachers, students and staff communicate and work together like one big family and this never ceases to amaze me. This school has filled my life with unforgettable memories and I am proud to be part of the R.E.A.L family.


Student of Year 10, R.E.A.L International School

It was nearly six years ago when I first wore the uniform of R.E.A.L International School. Since then, I’ve watched the school grow and evolve in ways I had never imagined. Despite all the changes and adaptations, R.E.A.L never strayed from its core philosophy of developing students to be academically proficient, yet at the same time ensuring that they acquire the soft skills necessary in real life.

A common rhetoric employed by our teachers is that in the end, it all comes back to how we stack up against ourselves. They encourage and spur us on to follow our interests and make our classes genuinely interesting. To them, grades are secondary to actually understanding and enjoying the subject matter.

R.E.A.L International School has opened up a doorway to holistic education. Between an environment conducive to studying and highly dedicated teachers, I have a lot to be grateful for. What I will always remember, however, is that I not only got an education…I got to learn as well.



Studying 2nd year Medicine at University of Cork, Ireland

Studying in R.E.A.L Schools has been one of my best decisions ever. My time at R.E.A.L has given me the opportunity to achieve my highest potential. It has also helped me clarify my goals, and what I would like to study at university. R.E.A.L is a place where people of different nationalities come together, share new cultures and discover more about yourself. I left the school with qualities that prepared me for university life. I could not imagine myself settling down so quickly in university without the diverse exposure that I gained through the remarkable extracurricular activities by the school.


Currently studying English Language & Literature National University of Singapore (NUS), Graduated in 2008

R.E.A.L Schools was truly a life-changing experience for me and revealed a world of unlimited possibilities. The core curriculum provided me with an excellent foundation for higher learning and has defined my overall, personal well-being. It broadens oneself intellectually to become a well-rounded person. Having achieved straight A’s throughout all examinations from UPSR to SPM, many people were surprised to know that I was also highly involved in extracurricular activities. I am currently attending my summer course at King's College in London and will continue finishing my course in NUS soon. My achievements are a direct reflection of my R.E.A.L education, and I am eternally grateful for that experience.


Sunway College A-Levels

I enjoyed my schooling in R.E.A.L Schools. There were many CCA choices and I managed to discover and pursue my interests. The teachers who taught me were very helpful and caring. Whenever I did not know or understand, they could easily clear my doubts. My classmates in R.E.A.L were also fun to be with at all times.

What I learned from organizing events like a charity carnival is teamwork and how to raise funds for people in need. As a student of Sunway College now, this experience has proved useful as me and a few others are organizing a charity carnival for orphans living in KL city.


Aerospace Stress & Design Engineer Strand Aerospace Malaysia, Graduated in 2004

After graduating from R.E.A.L Schools for such a long time, I begin to miss those memorable moments of being well-guided by a group of dedicated teachers. R.E.A.L is not just a school that merely focuses on academics, but it is their philosophy to nurture their students with high character values and inner development. As an aerospace stress & design engineer, I have to perform my duties in ensuring that an aircraft has the necessary structural integrity and proper design concept that is safe for both commercial and defence purposes. These require the application of various important skills ranging from critical thinking, active communication and problem solving skills, of which foundations I am glad to have built during my time at R.E.A.L Schools.


Renowned Fashion Photographer, Graduated in 2004

R.E.A.L Schools have taught me that ideas matter and have instilled in me a passion for learning that has stayed to this day. Our teachers were passionate, friendly, and always challenged us in ways that were new to us. The school constantly provided the right platform for us to harness our innate talents. It is not about how many A's we could score, but how much we could learn and progress. This was what mattered to them. Having worked with many interesting people and celebrities as a fashion photographer, I support R.E.A.L Schools in gratitude of the holistic experience they have given me; which in turn, enabled me to afford the same experience


Cambridge A-Levels, Taylor’s College, Sri Hartamas

I practically grew up in R.E.A.L International School at Cahaya Campus, and I believe this played a large role in shaping who I am today. With the encouragement and faith from dedicated teachers, I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve the results I aimed for. As a school prefect, I also learned to be responsible and developed good leadership skills. My parents are extremely grateful to the school for removing barriers and shaping me to be the best I can be. I have so many things to be thankful for because of being a R.E.A.L student.


Ex-student of REAL International School Cahaya Shah Alam

The years we spend in school can be the most confusing of our lives, but are also said to be the most enjoyable. In my years at R.E.A.L International School, I have truly come into my own. The extensive focus on developing skills in all areas—both academic and non-academic—have proved exceptionally useful. Being pushed to try out things I would never have had the courage or inclination to do has taught me that we are always capable of more than we believe. Apart from that, the learning environment itself has helped me develop essential mental tools by encouraging creativity, sharpening analytical skills and harnessing curiosity. The priceless experiences I have had continue to serve me as a guide for the present and future and remind me that learning never has to be dull.


Ex-student of Sekolah Seri Cahaya, SPM 2011. Currently studying Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at The University of Auckland

Studying at Sekolah Seri Cahaya was one decisions I made which I will never regret. Cahaya has provided me amazing opportunities to receive education from the most dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic team of teachers. It has also provided me a platform to build long-lasting friendships and nurture important values in life.


Ex-student of Sekolah Seri Cahaya, SPM 2010. Currently studying at The University of Auckland / Event Coordinator at Bumper Ball NZ

I am really pleased to say that I am a Cahayan simply because the school not only achieves great academic recognition but also allows students to integrate various life skills into oneself. From learning to plan small events to carrying out team projects and even attending seminars; I have definitely developed myself not only as a student but into a confident, intelligent and diligent person as well. The immense effort that teachers and staff put in for the students’ benefit makes Cahaya a truly ‘R.E.A.L school’ to be in.


Ex-student of Sekolah Seri Cahaya, SPM 2010. Currently studying Chemistry at The University of Auckland

Sekolah Seri Cahaya or SSC wasn’t merely a school for me, but rather my second home. I was constantly looking forward to going to school as there were so many exciting activities to participate in. Every day I can expect to learn something new. The diverse community of SSC has given me the opportunity to learn about and understand other cultures better. The teachers too, were so approachable that I could easily have a good chat with them about pretty much anything. It was a true privilege for me to be a Cahayan.


Ex-student of Sekolah Seri Cahaya, SPM 2010. Studies Medicine at University of Leeds

One of the things that makes me proud to be a Cahayan will always be the teachers. They are dedicated towards providing learning beyond the four walls of a classroom to ensure they bring out the best in every student. #ForeverACahayan


Ex-student of Sekolah Seri Cahaya, SPM 2003. Studied Human Movement Science at CQUniversity

I just loved the environment at Sekolah Seri Cahaya. Being a Cahayan was more than just going to school and studying. It embodies camaraderie and instills other values in life that I put into practice till today. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure the success of their students, and that is what education is all about…an ‘experience’.


Ex-student of REAL International School Cahaya JB, 2013

R.E.A.L Schools, Cahaya Campus, Johor is an awesome school. I learned a lot from my time there. I miss every moment of my education life in R.E.A.L. I met great friends and nice teachers, which resulted in a character change in me. I once lacked confidence, but thanks to such supportive friends and teachers I no longer struggle as much with it anymore. I never saw it coming but having obtain ‘Top in the World’ grades for ‘Chinese as a Foreign Language’ subject in the Cambridge IGCSE definitely ranks as one of my biggest personal accomplishments. Thank you, R.E.A.L Schools…you shall remain in my heart forever.



Parent of Tara Afzalirad

I could see a steep growth in my daughter Tara’s learning curve, particularly her confidence and communication skills, since joining R.E.A.L International School. As a parent I am exceedingly happy and eternally grateful for the guidance and support shown by her principal, teachers and staff at R.E.A.L. The school provides a unique and flourishing learning environment and lays strong foundations for my daughter’s future studies and career. Thank you very much.


Parent of Ewan Tan

My son Ewan’s confidence level was boosted by his participation in R.E.A.L Schools’ unique ECA programme, particularly his involvement in LEGO & Robotics. I am proud of him and feel that he has gained tremendously in terms of character development, knowledge and the ability to handle competitive stress in the real world. In summary, I am glad that he has enjoyed his education at R.E.A.L Schools and would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the teachers and management who supported him.


Parent of Nash

What I like about education at R.E.A.L Schools is not so much the end result but the whole journey. In other words, it is not the end that entirely matters but the means to reach the end. There were good traits that my son Nash had developed throughout the process. These include commitment, effective time management, teamwork, collective problem solving, and building trust, among others. I witnessed both students and teachers striving towards a common goal and giving morale support to each other. The teachers are very committed, supporting their charges all the way and in the right manner. They sometimes push in order to unleash their students’ true potential. As a parent, I really appreciate the sacrifice, patience and guidance from all the teachers. Good job! The learning that students receive at R.E.A.L Schools will certainly take them a long way in life.


Parents of Paw Pin Pin

From an average student, our daughter managed to score 10As in her SPM exam. We are most grateful to all the qualified, dedicated and committed teachers and will remember them with deep gratitude and respect. They strive towards achieving character building, academic excellence and proper discipline. The school's English speaking environment is also a plus.
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