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December 15, 2016
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January 17, 2017

REAL Focus and Exposure at KLPF

Following the fruitful collaboration between PCP Publications and members of SOLIS 2016: The Surian Yearbook in organizing last year’s Fujifilm Youth Photography Workshop (held at R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus); the two parties decided to join forces once again in another noteworthy venture – participating in the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) which was held in early October 2016 at the StarXpo Centre in Kenanga Wholesale City.

2017_ch_klpf_03This event saw a team of 10 budding student photographers and two teachers from Cheras Campus spending a day at a booth which they set up at the KLPF 2016 Student Photo Exhibition. It was indeed a great honour for the team as R.E.A.L Schools was one of only 12 schools throughout Malaysia that were invited to participate in the prestigious international event, which was attended by key players in the photography industry.

The student photo exhibition offered an immensurable amount of knowledge and expertise to both patrons and participants alike. R.E.A.L’s young photography talents were enlightened by the latest innovations and technology in the imaging industry whilst having the opportunity to admire awe-inspiring works by world-renowned photographers.

2017_ch_klpf_02Captivating dance performances and demonstrations kept visitors entertained throughout. The festival also allowed R.E.A.L Schools’ members of SOLIS 2016: The Surian Yearbook to gain invaluable experience by displaying and briefing the public on their 10 selected photos which were adjudged to be the best during the school’s Fujifilm Youth Photography Workshop.

Regarded as the hottest imaging event of the year, the superb exposure would undoubtedly stand the R.E.A.L students in good stead for the future. With photography being an influential medium of communication that has the power to convey important messages through a universal, unspoken language; possessing the requisite know-how and skills is definitely a useful advantage to have. Being part of the visual arts as well, photography allows young minds to freely express their creativity and passion in capturing profound stills.

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