R.E.A.L Stories

Our Students Share Their
Real Stories

Foong Wai Keat,
Secondary 5 student

“In my opinion, there are many inspiring teachers in my school”

The teachers at R.E.A.L show care towards all the students; whether it is in their studies or personal lives. They are also willing to share their past experiences and are always encouraging and inspiring us to improve and transform into the best version of ourselves.

Lee Yen Xing,
Secondary 4 student

“Students gain valuable experiences that cannot be learnt from textbooks”

Every student is able to receive more individual attention and support because of the small class sizes. Teachers come up with interesting teaching methods for students to understand a particular topic well. Meanwhile, the school’s student ambassador teams provide opportunities for students to increase their confidence in preparation for the workforce. Hence, students at R.E.A.L Schools do not only improve their academic performance, but also gain valuable experiences that cannot be learnt from textbooks.

Woon Yi Jie Ruth,
R.E.A.L International School alumni & Cambridge IGCSE straight A’s student

“I learnt to be a good leader, which will be important in my working life”

With each passing day, week, month, and year spent in R.E.A.L, I grew in knowledge, gaining valuable experiences which would be of great use in the future. R.E.A.L Schools’ facilities provided me the opportunity to engage in activities such as swimming, badminton, futsal, and more; with external coaches to train us in extracurricular activities like karate and taekwondo. There are also fully-equipped science and computer laboratories which allow students to get hands-on experience and take part in experiments, which really helped me understand the concepts of science better, rather than being confined to merely reading off a textbook.

Dashxmi Yohan,
Secondary 5 student

“R.E.A.L School has an extremely conducive and pleasant environment”

There are many joyous memories of studying at R.E.A.L Schools that I will cherish and keep with me for life. R.E.A.L Schools has always provided an extremely conducive and pleasant environment for students to grow in character and also as individuals. At R.E.A.L Schools, you will meet friends and teachers who would become your second family.

Wong Jun Kang,
R.E.A.L International School alumni

“The teachers were caring and considerate, and respected me as a young adult”

R.E.A.L Schools had given me opportunities to participate in various school events and activities such as charity carnivals and international days and this helped me acquire leadership skills, better communication skills, and the ability to withstand and cope with stress.

The teachers were caring and considerate, and respected me as a young adult. My confidence level improved as a result and I now feel more confident to speak in public and voice my opinions.