January 19, 2015
The Red Cabbage Indicator Project
January 19, 2015


It was that much-anticipated time of the year again to recognize student ‘excellence’ in all its forms. Back in May this year, R.E.A.L Schools’ Suria Campus in Cheras held its annual R.E.A.L Excellence Award during a grand ceremony at the school’s Hall of Character. The event is aimed at acknowledging and awarding outstanding achievements in both academic and extracurricular fields.

A total of 106 recipients were present to proudly receive their respective awards ranging from top scoring in the UPSR, PMR and SPM public examinations; to various co-curricular accolades and the much-coveted ‘Surian of the Year’ award. The co-curricular accolades celebrate exceptional accomplishments in a wide spectrum of fields that include sports and societal endeavours. Meanwhile, the prestigious ‘Surian of the Year’ title recognizes a particular individual who possesses and showcased all-round qualities and brilliance all-year round.

The glittering event kicked off with a welcome speech and official opening by Mr. Kenny Sim, R.E.A.L Education Group Vice President of Group Corporate Resources. This was followed by a string of enthralling performances such as a piano recital, a ballet dance, and a music-and-dance number by students from the school’s Junior section. The awards presentation ceremony was punctuated by these performances which also included a uniquely captivating dance called ‘1000 Hands’.

With every award presented and the entertainment dished out to the audience’s delight, the event officially closed with the singing of the school song and dismissal. Overall, this eagerly-awaited awards day rightfully acclaims well-deserved achievements that serve to inspire and spur others on to reach similar or greater heights.

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