R.E.A.L Bags Medals at Kangaroo Maths Competition

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January 19, 2015
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R.E.A.L Bags Medals at Kangaroo Maths Competition

It was a unique avenue to test their math skills as a total of 42 Primary students of R.E.A.L International School, Suria Campus, Cheras (RISS) participated in the Kangaroo Math Competition Malaysia 2014 early this year. Conducted in the school itself, this international competition involved RISS students ranging from Year 1 up to Year 6. They were grouped into three different categories, namely the ‘Pre Ecolier’ (for Year 1 and 2), ‘Ecolier’ (for Year 3 and 4) and ‘Benjamin’ (for Year 5 and 6).


It was a proud moment when the results were released in June, as RISS student Kim Ivan Tyn Yee fromYear 6 Honour clinched the Gold Medal for the Ecolier categorywhile Davian Chan Kinman from Year 3 Honour bagged a Silver Medal for the Pre Ecolier category. In addition, RISS obtained nineHonourable Mention awardees in the Pre Ecolier category, 10 Honourable Mention awardees in the Ecolier category and three Honourable Mention awardees in the Benjamin category.


Below are the full list of RISS winners and awardees:


Kangaroo Math Competition Malaysia 2014 Winners

Category – Pre Ecolier

Silver Medal

Davian Chan Kinman – Year 3 Honour

Honourable Mention

Guan HaoZhe – Year 2 Honour

Cayenne Lim Hui Suen – Year 2 Honour

Lim Wai Yin (Ethan) – Year 1 Honour

Muhammad HaikalAzmi – Year 3 Honour

Su Rain Hong Yong – Year 2 Honour

ShreKishan Manohar – Year 2 Honour

Category – Ecolier

Gold Medal

Ivan Kim Tyn Yee – Year 6 Honour

Honourable Mention

Chew XueEr – Year 6 Honour

ChooiHao Xuan (Sebastian) – Year 5 Honour

Foong Pak Hei (Henry) – Year 6 Honour

Tan Kai Hooi (Joshua) – Year 4 Honour

Lim Kai Wen – Year 5 Honour

Luk Shao Tian – Year 4 Honour

Lim Jun Min (Patrick) – Year 5 Honour

Sunnie Chong – Year 4 Honour

Yong Hou Yan (Desmond) – Year 4 Honour

Category – Benjamin

Honourable Mention

Fong Yue Hen (Ian) – Year 6 Honour

LokeYeanne Xin – Year 6 Honour

Tan Zhen Yin – Year 6 Honour


The participation and success of R.E.A.L Schools in only the second annual edition of the KMC Malaysia is in line with popularizing mathematical enrichment activities among students and teachers in Malaysia. The participating students were able to receive certification and recognition from an internationally-recognized educational body. Their support also helped to increase the participation numbers from Malaysia in the effort to make it on par with other established countries. On the other hand, our students were exposed to interesting math problems that were designed by internationally-renowned math educators.

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