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February 22, 2016
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February 22, 2016

Learning to Love Languages

Language mastery is crucial to effective communication. Thus, it has always been a key emphasis of R.E.A.L Schools to have a curriculum that gears students towards being proficient in the three main languages; English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. To this end, R.E.A.L Schools provides excellent language learning tools and materials as well as quality teaching to strengthen students’ linguistic competency which is not only required when furthering their studies but in their future careers as well.

Enhancing this effort are various school activities and events which are organized to further fan the flames of interest in languages. This was exemplified during the tail-end of last year when R.E.A.L International Schools, Cheras Campus organized ‘Languages Week’ which saw an array of language-themed activities and competitions being held throughout one week for its Secondary students to get involved in. The competitions for instance, specifically focused on the fundamentals of language such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Kicking off ‘Languages Week’ were the Year 7 and 8 students who showcased their spelling skills in the Spelling Bee competition. In a closely-fought contest and cheered on by their classmates, John Wong from Class 7H and Sebrina Yee of 8W came out tops as champions of their respective levels. Another competition took place a few days later but of a different nature when the finals of the Talentime competition saw the cream of the crop from Years 7 to 11 captivate the audience by performing songs in Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and English. It was indeed a spectacle of songs as well as a celebration of our country’s multicultural facet for all to witness and appreciate.

The Talentime finals were a tough act to follow, but the excitement did not abate as it was the Year 9 and 10 students’ turn to take the stage and engage in a debate competition. In the heat of a tighly-fought contest, Ashley Chia of Class 9V stood out from the rest with her passionate delivery and eloquently-expressed points and views to be voted Best Speaker. The team led by Brian Ching from 9W however, triumphed in the end to be the newly-crowned champions.

There was also a ‘first of sorts’ for Languages Week when an Essay Writing Contest saw a total of 18 entries being submitted with most of the budding writers penning their essays in two or three different languages, sheer testament to their multilingual prowess. The eventful week was capped off with a Famous Speeches competition which attracted 16 participants who all put up spirited displays in their bid to win the much-coveted trophies. Each speaker breathed life into the inspiring words and well-known quotes that were first uttered on battlefields, world forums and even in classic Shakespearean plays.

This latest edition of Languages Week proved once again what R.E.A.L Schools students are capable of when simply given the opportunity. Even the hazy conditions failed to dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of all who were involved. The importance of such platforms or avenues beyond classrooms for students to hone their abilities and talents, in this case language skills, cannot be underestimated. In the end, a healthy spirit of competition was fostered while motivating students to continuously improve themselves to be able, articulate and confident communicators.

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