‘Kamsahamnida’ R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus!

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January 18, 2016
‘Kamsahamnida’ R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus!
February 22, 2016

‘Kamsahamnida’ R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus!

Continuing from where the previous ‘Applied English and Internship Programme’ and ‘Cultural Exchange Programme’ left off; R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus played host to a group of undergraduates and school students from South Korea once more. The 28 students’ one-month stay in Malaysia culminated in their graduation last month at the campus’ Hall of Character in a simple yet significant ceremony which featured a host of performances prepared by the Koreans themselves.

Due to the overwhelming response and success of previous programme editions, Silla University and Keimyung University College decided to continue collaborating with R.E.A.L Education Group. This time around, a total of 12 Silla University students majoring in Education and six Early Childhood undergrads from Keimyung University College embarked on the two-week Applied English course while interning as assistance teachers for further two weeks from 22 December 2015 to 19 January 2016.

As interns, the Koreans were mentored and taught various skills such as lesson planning, classroom management and even got to experience mock teaching sessions conducted by the General Manager of R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus, Ms. S.P. Lee. In between school and classroom activities, several excursions were organized which enhanced their Malaysian experience. These included a day trip to Melaka, a visit to Farm in the City, a tour of Kuala Lumpur, shopping trips and more.

Meanwhile, 16 Korean school students between 10 to 17 years of age participated in the ‘Fun Learning and Cultural Exchange Programme’ which took place from 27 December 2015 to 23 January 2016. Held at R.E.A.L International School, Cheras Campus, this holiday camp saw the young Koreans joining their R.E.A.L counterparts from Year 3 to 6 in classes like English, Mandarin, Art & Craft, music, computer as well as getting involved in various sports and co-curricular activities. Similar outings were organized for this group of Korean teens as their older compatriots.

Both programmes almost came to an end when the graduation ceremony for the Korean interns took place on 18 January 2016. Adding to the celebratory mood on the day were a string of entertainment items delivered by the Koreans which consist of cultural dances, choral speaking in three languages, a choir rendition of ‘Rasa Sayang’, Korean and English song performances, and even a fashion show. The ceremony also offered the Korean students an opportunity to express their appreciation towards R.E.A.L’s hospitality and care during their short stint here in Malaysia.

In her welcome speech to officiate the ceremony, Ms. S.P. Lee acknowledged the gratifying success of the programme and how learning comes in all forms including the importance of acquiring skills that go beyond the confines of a textbook. To the school’s newfound foreign friends, she had this to say, “You opened your hearts and minds into accepting and learning our culture and what this school has to offer. We are grateful for that and feel very fortunate to have learned from you as well. You have also used these activities to cultivate self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability and determination to learn. These values are priceless gifts that you have given yourselves”. Indeed, it had been an enriching and enjoyable experience for both the Koreans and the R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus community.

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