Going ‘International’ with RISS

March 23, 2015
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April 17, 2015

Going ‘International’ with RISS

6 March 2015 was a Friday filled with fantastic food, fun and festivities as R.E.A.L International School, Suria Campus, Cheras (RISS) organized its annual ‘International Day’. Students, teachers and staff collaborated to transform the school’s Hall of Character into a bright and colourful ‘international centre’ of sorts, with everything you need to know about selected countries that include China, Italy, India, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France and of course, Malaysia. Intricately-decorated booths were set up, with each representing a particular country.

Among those who were present at the event include R.E.A.L Education Group Vice-President of Group Corporate Resources, Mr. Kenny Sim; and General Manager of R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras, Ms. S.P. Lee. Upon the arrival of the VIPs and a welcome performance entitled ‘Tarantella’ by the RISS Secondary students, Mr. Kenny and Ms. Lee delivered their respective welcome address and proceeded to officially ‘open’ the event.

Throughout the morning, a diverse lineup of entertaining performances were dished out which included among others, a ‘1 Malaysia’ and a Bollywood dance by the Primary students of RISS. These performances were punctuated by brief intervals whereby members of the audience were given the opportunity to visit each booth and immerse themselves in the multicultural activities, games and food that were in store. The VIP guests meanwhile, had to play the role of judges for the ‘Best Booth Competition’ (which was eventually won by India), as they were given a tour ‘from country to country’ by RISS Academic Supervisor, Ms. Rupneet Kaur. All booths were not only beautifully-decorated but also littered with relevant and interesting bits of information of the featured nations.

Apart from putting up the usual posters, flags, maps, photos, illustrations, as well as traditional costumes and games like ‘congkak’; some booths even went the extra mile and built miniature props such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, and even a replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy! Also on display were edible items that are unique to a particular country such as the Spanish ‘el aguacate’ (an avocado-like fruit) and Indian spices such as fennel, cloves and cumin. There was even a ‘Little Lion Dance’ performance at the China booth that wowed the crowd.

Another competition that was hotly-contested was for the ‘Best Dressed’, where students came fully garbed in traditional-themed costumes and showcased them during the ‘Costumes Parade’, a fashion runway-style show where budding models ‘cat-walked’ and strutted their stuff confidently on stage. A lucky draw with attractive prizes also took place to get the audience further involved and excited with the festive atmosphere.

Overall, the success of the event was largely attributed to the effectiveness of the school in fostering the R.E.A.L Core Values of Collaboration and Creativity. This yearly ‘celebration of cultures’ had truly demonstrated the calibre of the RISS students and the experience gained will hold them in good stead, while serving as a springboard for success. ‘International Day’ has always been an enjoyable and educational event, with this year’s edition proving no different.

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