Foreign Students Come a-Calling at JB Campus

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September 30, 2017
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September 30, 2017

Foreign Students Come a-Calling at JB Campus

Primary Students from China Pay a Visit

In today’s globalized world, understanding and appreciating intercultural diversity has become essential. Efforts to expose and equip students with this skill took a huge step when in July this year, R.E.A.L International School, Johor Bahru played host to 72 students and 14 teachers from six primary schools in Beijing, China. Among them were the:

  • Jing Tai Primary School,
  • Hua Shi Primary School,
  • Ding An Li Primary School, and
  • Dong Si Jiu Tiao Primary School


A total of 30 R.E.A.L students and teachers were on hand to warmly welcome the visitors and to take them through a host of exciting activities lined up. Among them saw the Chinese students being taught how to perform traditional Malay and Indian dances. It was certainly a ‘first’ for many of them and a unique experience to take home. It was also a good way to showcase Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity to the visiting party. They were then divided into three groups and participated in fun-filled activities such as

  • Life Science: Bugs and Insects
  • Fun English Activities, and
  • A Campus Tour by student ambassadors called ‘Getting to Know R.E.A.L Schools JB’


Although the visit was a short one lasting only half a day, both sets of students managed to exchange valuable insights on each other’s traditions and values. Above all, they had fun doing it and being part of a memorable event that certainly would not be the last if the spirit of collaboration and hospitality, which was evident, is anything to go by.


From Japan to JB: Katsuyama High School Students Visit R.E.A.L Schools

Preceding the China students’ visit was a student exchange programme organized by R.E.A.L Schools, Johor Bahru Campus with Katsuyama High School from Japan. On the day of arrival, 23 students from Katsuyama were each introduced to their respective ‘R.E.A.L buddies’, who were assigned to guide and care for the visitors throughout their stay.


Wasting little time, the Japanese students were duly introduced to traditional types of Malaysian dance that included the Chinese Ribbon Dance and Malay Joget Lodeh; while visiting party reciprocated with a lively dance number of their own known as ‘Soran Bushi’ – a Japanese sea shanty that was first sung by the fishermen of Hokkaido. Everyone was captivated by the diverse performances on show. The cultural exchange continued with a step-by-step origami session which saw the Japanese students teaching their Malaysian counterparts on how to make paper cranes.


The fun did not end there however as, following a short gift exchange, everyone proceeded to the music room for a string of ice-breaking games and friendly contests. A quick campus tour by the R.E.A.L Buddies ensued, before the customary tea reception took place and light refreshments served. Just as both groups of students were getting to know each other better, it was sadly time to say goodbye. But armed with new knowledge and friendship, the event was as fruitful as it was fun.


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