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January 19, 2015
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January 19, 2015

Festival of Music & Dance

It was a feast for the senses as the colourful costumes and artistic expression of the R.E.A.L International School students took centre stage at the ‘Festival of Music & Dance 2014’, held in early March at the school’s Hall of Character. The event kicked off with an opening address by R.E.A.L Education Group Executive Director, Ms. Jenny Sim, which was then followed by the show proper which involved both Primary and Secondary students. With the event attracting around 250 parents, the participants performed various dances to the tunes of music from around the world.

The purpose of staging such a festival with an ‘international theme’ was to foster greater appreciation towards the cultures and traditions of the world through the respective traditional dance and music. Among the dances on show were the ‘Flamenco’ from Spain, the ‘Bangra’ from Punjab, the Chinese Fan Dance from China, a Bollywood dance from India and even the Cha-Cha, Line Dance and K-Pop Dance from Korea. The teachers were instrumental as well; preparing the students for all the performances while those from the art and design team built a beautiful backdrop and decorations for the hall.

This event is the latest example of R.E.A.L Schools constantly promoting balanced education by way of extracurricular activities activities that go beyond the norm of the everyday studies. As a result, a stronger bond was forged amongst teachers and students. The sense of unity, teamwork and camaraderie displayed by all involved culminated with a beautiful student showpiece.

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