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April 20, 2015
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Far from a ‘Catastrophe’

R.E.A.L Schools’ proud tradition of staging live theatre and musical plays continued with the recent production of ‘The Cecily Catastrophe’ at its Cahaya Campus in Shah Alam. Held at the campus’ Hall of Character in March this year, the Victorian-themed play was directed by Cahaya alumnus Aaron Ee with all dance performances choreographed by Cahaya alumna Michelle Shepherdson.

The one-day-only event was a culmination of nearly two months of hard work and preparation, or a total of 30 hours’ rehearsal which commenced in mid-February. According to Aaron, who also acted in the play, ‘The Cecily Catastrophe’ was a deviation from the school’s usual performing arts offering of musicals. For one thing, it was written to showcase British humour which, the budding director readily admitted, was uncharted territory particularly for a school play with a young audience.

Cahaya’s past musicals were typically made up of singing, dancing and acting elements all mashed up into one. As the idea of ‘The Cecily Catastrophe’ was being mooted, it struck Aaron and his team that in order to make the play slightly unique and give it a somewhat cleaner feel, why not separate the three elements into different, stand-alone segments?

The result was a show which offered an intriguing lineup of humour, drama and even a modern hip-hop dance by an all-girl group led by Michelle Shepherdson. The main act meanwhile; was brought to life by a myriad of quirky but fascinating characters as well as an elaborate set, props and beautifully-intricate costumes, all of which combined to create visually-stunning scenes on stage.

Other splendid performances included a Joker monologue that was inspired by Alan Moore’s ‘A Killing Joke’ and superbly rendered by Aaron himself. There was also a comedy skit which featured popular screen characters Spiderman and Mr. Bean, an unconventional pairing but one which left the audience in stitches. All in all, ‘The Cecily Catastrophe’ left everyone thoroughly thrilled, entertained but most of all, captivated by its originality and bold approach.

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