A Day of Discovery at INTI
October 21, 2015
Exposing Students To The Wonders Of Science
November 13, 2015

Exploring The Ocean In Labs

The deep ocean holds 97% of Earth’s water but only 5% of its wonders have been explored. Although much of the ocean remains untouched, it is the home of 230,000 known species of marine life. With this in mind, the Science Department of R.E.A.L Schools National, Cheras Campus has taken the initiative to educate and expose the young minds of its students to the ocean and its beauty.

Unconventional and innovative learning is what we practise. Thus, a different kind of learning experience took place earlier this year at Station Aquarius in Aquaria KLCC where the Surians, accompanied by several teachers went on an interactive journey of ocean discovery. The trip was aimed at increasing students’ knowledge on marine life and promoting awareness on the importance of preserving the ocean and its inhabitants to maintain Earth’s ecological balance.

Various intriguing learning activities were carried out in different ‘labs’ at Station Aquarius to prepare the students to be one-day aquarists.

The jam-packed schedule of the day began with a visit to the Genus Lab. Being the first lab in Station Aquarius, it is fitting that the concept of ‘evolution’ was the theme of the lab. Amusing but fascinating facts about prehistoric marine life and the common life cycle of frogs were presented in this lab.

Next on the list is the Seahorse Lab. True to its name, this lab focuses on everything seahorse, from its lifestyle to the role it plays in the food chain. The students had an amazing time observing one of the most unique ocean creatures in the world. Did you know that the seahorse is considered a fish?

Moving along, the students were invited into the Jellyfish Lab. Other than being notorious for its stinging tentacles, the jellyfish is also known for not having a brain! Here, the Surians spent some time learning about how a jellyfish could adapt itself to many different ocean environments. They enthusiastically asked questions and were somewhat stunned by certain shocking facts about the creature.

Just when the students thought they had seen it all, the expedition continued in the Moon Lab. Different ways to conserve endangered species of marine life were discussed in this lab. The students were alarmed by the greedy acts of human beings that have affected the existence of many marine life species. Apart from being informative, it was a stimulating experience for the Surians as they were given the opportunity to release their own ‘marine creations’ into a virtual aquarium.

The visit to Station Aquarius has inspired the minds and touched the hearts of the students to become better caretakers of the ocean. Advocating good morals and ethics to lead our actions has always been a fundamental value of R.E.A.L education. With this, the Science Department plans for more environmental-awareness trips to take place in the future.

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