Digital Skills (Shah Alam Campus)



Digital Mindedness and 4IR Readiness

To provide a taste of the real high-tech working environment whilst preparing students for the 4th industrial revolution and beyond, R.E.A.L in partnership with KDU University has developed a unique technology-innovation programme.

REAL World Tech Projects

Both primary and secondary school students will participate in 2 exciting tech projects a year that will cover the following key areas:

APPLE School Partnership

Starting from September 2019, R.E.A.L Schools will be moving towards a 1-to-1 iPad model in which all students from Primary 4 onwards will use iPads in school to enrich their learning process.

To ensure that technology enhances the learning process in a meaningful way, we will be working in partnership with the APPLE Regional Team and guided by the SAMR model introduced by Dr Ruben Puetendura, the world-famous edutech academic and consultant.

All students will also be given training in responsible use of technology and will be closely supervised to ensure there is no abuse of the technology.