Developing the ‘HOTS’ for Escape Room

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October 20, 2015
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October 21, 2015

Developing the ‘HOTS’ for Escape Room

‘Escape the Room’, Sekolah Seri Suria’s new CCA or Co-Curricular Activity, was formed this year with the aim of improving students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills or HOTS by developing useful, interesting and innovative ideas to solve real-life problems or challenges.

Imagine this scenario. You are out with your friends and get trapped in a room that has clues written all over its walls and scattered all over the floor. It is not obvious what you are required to do or how you are supposed to get out. In short, you are trapped. Somewhat imprisoned without being kidnapped; and you have 40 minutes to escape from the locked room using the clues that are given. This is what ‘Escape the Room’, one of the newest and coolest games that is gaining popularity all over the world, is all about.

With the aim of developing students’ HOTS, 24 members of the ‘Escape the Room’ society of Sekolah Seri Suria, accompanied by four teachers, visited the Escape Room at SetiaWalk in Puchong earlier this year. The idea was to enable the Surians to experience and explore the many real-life escape room scenarios such as; The Crime Scene (‘Homicide Unit’), the Fear Factor Warehouse, The Dungeon of Doom, Kung Fu (Legend of the Grand Master), Final Detention, Up Bon Voyage and The Secret Lab. All scenarios have incorporated ‘puzzle’ aspects to the game play, which participants have to solve or crack in order to escape.

The Escape Room delivers fun yet impactful teambuilding activities for students’; of which benefits include fostering teamwork, moral values and leadership qualities. With each room able to occupy six persons at any given time, activities are specially designed to encourage team bonding, cohesiveness, collaboration, as well as team performance and development. For the Surian ‘escapees’, the trip certainly left them in good stead as they managed to gain valuable knowledge and experience of the game as well as enhance their sense of teamwork and critical thinking skills. One day, they might use these skills and ideas to set up their own Escape Room.

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