Cultivating Cultural Awareness and Appreciation amongst JB Students

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Cultivating Cultural Awareness and Appreciation amongst JB Students

In line with R.E.A.L’s transformative learning journey to produce confident, committed and competent lifelong learners, 64 Primary 1 to 3 students of R.E.A.L Schools National, Johor Bahru Campus embarked on a field trip to The Malay Cultural Village in Larkin, Johor Bahru earlier this month. The excursion was aimed at expanding students’ knowledge on Malaysian culture while exposing them to age-old traditions which carry values that are worth preserving.

A host of exciting visits and activities were lined up throughout the day to keep the students on their toes. These included:

  • Batik Painting
  • Traditional Hunting
  • Traditional Wedding Ceremony
  • Malay Village Wooden House
  • Cotton Plant Garden
  • Wayang Kulit exhibition, and
  • Bamboo Dance


Batik painting was perhaps the highlight of the trip, where the group was given the opportunity to try their hand at the intricate technique from trained professionals. They also experienced traditional hunting methods such as using a blowpipe and learnt about traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian weddings; the three main races in Malaysia.

Part of the tour also included visiting an archetypal Malay village wooden house and a cotton plant garden. Entertainment also came in the form of a Wayang Kulit exhibition and narrated performance. Shadow puppetry has long been part and parcel of Malay culture and heritage.


It was then off to the kitchen to satisfy appetites and learn a thing or two about making roti canai and teh tarik, a truly Malaysian favourite and ultimate breakfast combo. Apart from the freshly-cooked roti and hot, foamy pulled tea; the students also ‘savoured’ the experience afforded by this rare opportunity in preparing the meal.


Overall, the trip has broadened the students’ knowledge and understanding of local traditions and customs. It is hoped that this, in turn, would foster greater appreciation towards Malaysia’s cultural diversity which is a hallmark of the country and source of strength in building national unity. Such initiatives provide a balance between formal classroom learning and life experiences that serve to enhance students’ transformative learning experience.

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