‘Clash of the Gods’ at 32nd Suria Sports Carnival

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‘Clash of the Gods’ at 32nd Suria Sports Carnival

March marks the return of R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus’ eagerly-anticipated annual event, the Sports Carnival. Celebrating its 32nd edition, this year’s Carnival saw students from both Sekolah Seri Suria and R.E.A.L International School (RIS) combining their efforts to make the event bigger and better.

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True to tradition, the Sports Carnival would take on a different theme every year. This year’s theme had something distinctly divine with ‘Greek gods’ being the students’ choice. As if to inspire everlasting wisdom and strength, every Sports House team was represented by a legendary Olympian god or goddess to portray the qualities, characteristics and beliefs of each of the four Houses. They were:

  • Zeus – God of Sky and Thunder (Yellow House)
  • Hercules – son of Zeus (Red House)

    Hades – God of the Underworld (Red House – RIS)

  • Poseidon – God of the Sea (Blue House)
  • Ares – God of War (Green House)

    Demeter – Goddess of Harvest & Agriculture (Green House – RIS)


Arguably THE main highlight of the whole carnival, each House took an ‘olive leaf’ out of ancient Greece by decorating their respective booths with lookalike ‘marble’ arches, columns as well as statues, paintings, cut-outs and various other items that depicted the gods. These however, were all made out of recycled materials in order to spread the green message to both students and parents alike.

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Welcoming visitors at the booths were the ‘gods’ (and goddess) themselves, accompanied by pretty Greek maidens. They were all aptly dressed in costumes, make-up and props that accurately represented their larger-than-life characters. The proud House mascots were also on hand to explain to guests about the gods and their individual characteristics.

With two strikes of the gong, the 32nd edition of the Sports Carnival was officially opened earlier that morning by the President of R.E.A.L Education Group, Mr. Ee Ching Wah. This was preceded by a recitation of the Sports Pledge by the school’s Head Prefect. In his speech, Mr. Ee lauded the students for their exceptional efforts and exemplary sense of sportsmanship.

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As per custom and tradition, a march past by the House teams and uniform bodies then took place. It was an immaculate display of discipline, dedication, energy and enthusiasm; particularly by the uniform units such as the Boy Scouts, Prefects and Girl Guides, to name a few. Team spirit and unity were also evident during the cheerleading competition, with each team vying to be champion of their category. Completing the day’s itinerary was the Junior Telematch, Swimming Gala and Tug-of-War (several track & field events were held in the weeks prior to the Sports Carnival. These include the high jump, shot put, 100-metre sprint and 4 x 100 metres).

As the various medals and prizes were presented during the prize-giving ceremony, anticipation was building as to who would be immortalized as ‘Overall House Champion’ this year. Somewhat fittingly, with the ‘King of the Gods’ Zeus as their mascot, the Yellow House was jubilantly crowned champions for 2017, closing another exciting and successful chapter to the Suria Sports Carnival story.

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