Cheras Juniors Go Toe-to-Toe over LEGO

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August 29, 2016
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August 29, 2016

Cheras Juniors Go Toe-to-Toe over LEGO

This year’s edition of the LEGO Inter-Class Competition at R.E.A.L Schools, Cheras Campus was organised with several objectives in mind. One of the desired outcomes was to intensify student interest towards LEGO Education. Proving to be more than just a children’s plaything, LEGO makes excellent learning tools for students to learn through discovery and exploration. Furthermore, this competition aims to strengthen students‘ problem solving, construction and presentation skills whilst enhancing their programming knowledge and understanding.

2016_cheras_legointerclass2Held earlier this year, the event was opened to all students from Junior 1 to 6. They were then divided into different categories which offered different challenges based on difficulty level. Each challenge posed a particular problem for students to solve as they were each given a ‘design brief’ to follow:

Junior 1 and 2 (Early Simple Machine)

  • To build a robot drummer that uses a pulley or gearing system to hit the drum

Junior 3 and 4 (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

  • To design and make a bicycle that can carry at least two people and has safety features that stops it from rolling backwards but allows it to roll forwards

Junior 5 (Power Add On)

  • To design and make a tow truck that can carry at least one thing and has at least one form of movement

Junior 6 (Pneumatic System Add On)

  • To design and build a tank model that has at least one type of movement operated by a pneumatic system

2016_cheras_legointerclass3Similar to active learning, LEGO Education inculcates the use of hands-on activities during the learning process to facilitate a learning environment that is experiential, engaging and enjoyable. These challenges also go a long way in harnessing students’ creativity for greater invention and construction.

Moreover, working in groups helps to cultivate the value of teamwork amongst students, creating awareness among parents that LEGO Education is more than just designing and building functioning robotic models. It offers a host of intrinsic benefits for children to gain and instills within them relevant soft skills that will serve them well for life.

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