Championing Public Speaking at R.E.A.L Schools

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Championing Public Speaking at R.E.A.L Schools

One of the year’s more eagerly-awaited R.E.A.L Schools events took place in July at R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras when the ‘Inter-School Public Speaking Competition’ was held at the campus’ Hall of Character. The annual meet of budding orators from Suria Campus and its sister school, Cahaya Campus in Shah Alam, pits the best public speakers from both schools against one another in a healthy, competitive atmosphere.

The morning’s proceedings commenced with a welcome speech by Ms. Lee Seow Ping, General Manager and Senior Principal of Suria Campus. The competition proper soon got underway, starting with speakers from the Junior Section of both campuses. Despite their tender age, the young speakers thoroughly entertained and mesmerised the audience with their poise, confidence and eloquence on stage.

This was followed by the speakers from the Senior Section, who captivated the crowd with their linguistic skills and polished presentation. They delivered their speeches with conviction and confidence based on the theme ‘Contentment’. This year’s edition saw a new addition to the programme in the form of impromptu speeches. Opened to the Senior contestants only, chosen speakers from the respective teams were required to speak on the spot, about a given topic or question posed by the panel of judges.

The unenviable task of selecting the best speakers of the winning team fell to three specially-invited judges; namely Sir Scott Munroe Allford, Mr. Douglas W. Larke and Ms. Kellyn Ng from the Erican Language Centre. After much deliberation from the judges and anticipation from the audience, the final results were announced with Suria Campus emerging as the overall champions! Cahaya Campus edged the Junior category with a total score of 4-2 while Suria Campus came out triumphs for the Senior category with a 4-1 scoreline. Thus, Suria Campus clinched the coveted overall title with a narrow aggregate score of 6-5.

All in all, the ‘Inter-School Public Speaking Competition’ lived up to its billing as one of R.E.A.L Schools’ most exciting events of the year. It was a thoroughly splendid affair with both set of supporters enthusiastically cheering their teams on. In the spirit of Collaboration, it is hoped that more of such joint events between the two R.E.A.L Schools campuses will be initiated. As the dust settled on another thrilling and closely-fought contest, many are already looking forward to next year’s edition which will be held at Cahaya Campus, Shah Alam. This is line with the tradition of alternating the host of the event between Suria and Cahaya Campus from year to year.

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