Introducing some of R.E.A.L Schools’ exciting new
curriculum and facilities:

Discover How We Prepare Your Child
to Succeed in the Real World

At R.E.A.L Schools, our team of educators deliver a unique and enhanced school curriculum that makes education relevant and exciting ensuring that your child is equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the real world.

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Our NEW curriculum and facilities prepare your child to
succeed in the real world by:

  • Nurturing digital mindedness and 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) readiness through our Apple iPad Learning Programme.
  • Enabling innovation and design thinking to thrive via our beautiful ‘Makerspace’, equipped with 3D printers and green screens.

  • Fostering language mastery through our Enhanced Languages Programme that includes offering an ‘Independent Chinese School Mandarin’ programme.

  • Learning basic programming skills and more via Lego Robotics, which forms part of our comprehensive STEM Programme.

  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills through our Olympiad Maths Programme.

*The above may differ from campus to campus.
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Among the highlights of R.E.A.L Schools’ exciting new curriculum is the Apple iPad Programme, which is set to make learning thoroughly fun and engaging for students.

Introducing iPads into our classrooms has enhanced the teaching and learning process in various subjects whilst enabling ‘active learning’ to take place. It also promises to strengthen scientific inquiry, develop communication skills, and nurture creative minds, among other benefits.

Click to watch the short video below and see how R.E.A.L Schools’ Apple iPad Programme prepares students for the digital world of today and the future:

Discover How We Prepare Your Child
to Succeed in the Real World

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