The question of how to prepare students for the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has become a critical issue facing education in today’s ‘VUCA’ (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. With technology rapidly changing the face of education, there is a need to redesign what is to be learned at school.
Schools by and large have not adapted their curriculum to fit the new emerging reality. At R.E.A.L, our team of educators, psychologists, and industry leaders have come together at the beginning of 2019 to completely revamp our school education model to ensure that we are preparing our students for the new world.

10 Traits to Thrive in 4IR

Resilience is the ability to deal with setbacks and disappointments. It is the emotional and mental strength to rise up when life knocks you down. At R.E.A.L Schools, we equip our students to develop and nurture a positive mindset in the face of setbacks and challenges.
Resilience is the ability to cope and thrive in the face of negative events, challenges or adversity. As the world is getting more dynamic, students can learn to apply Stoism to help them manage chaos and embrace complexity. This technique serves as a tool to help them deal with setbacks and disappointments, build emotional and mental strength to rise up when life knocks them down, and manage pressure and stress.
Sparking their intellectual curiosity through activities, we help to instill in students, the hunger of knowledge and information.

Students who are intellectually curious often exercise higher order thinking skills. This harnesses the ability to combine knowledge from different fields and sources together.
Intellectual curiosity helps to fuel student's desire to integrate information and identify useful patterns, gaps or trends. This in turn helps them to develop lateral thinking skills.
According to research, the young generation on average will have to change industries 3 times in their career, and such is the volatility caused by the constant introduction of disruptive technologies. As such, students need to be agile, flexible and adaptable. There is a Chinese saying: “be fluid like water, whatever happens in the environment we adapt ”.
Innovation on the other hand is a catalyst that enables adaptability. With creativity comes the spark for innovation.
Every parents’ nightmare - the inability of their children to look after or fend for themselves above the age of 18. Whether it is the financial literacy that enables economic independence, or looking after their physical and mental health, being able to make adult decisions, being able to look out for their own safety, navigate their own careers, all parents want their children to be independent young adults. Those who have a clear vision of what they want in their lives, and have the know-how and discipline to get it.
At R.E.A.L Schools, we nurture independence skills includes mastering survival skills whether it be self-defence, urban and outdoor survival skills as well as the ability to look after their own physical fitness and health.
The digital age, characterized by the 4IR, is impacting all industries and all professions. It’s no longer just people in the IT industry that need to understand technology; everyone including doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, architects, entrepreneurs, managers, bankers and consultants needs an appreciation for the digital age and needs to recognize the vocabulary for the 4IR.
Digital Mindedness is not just coding and programming skills, it’s a mental orientation- an appreciation for what has become possible with technology, and where are the new directions technology can take us.
It is important to teach students collaborative skills. Companies do not want to hire people that cannot get along and work with others. In most companies and industries, they require people who can collaborate with others, who bring out the best in others, not the worst, who inspire and enable, not discourage. Some basic psychology is required here - understanding people, what motivates them, what drives them, how to connect and engage with them, and how to coach and mentor them. Collaborative people also have the wisdom and maturity to know when to lead and when to follow, and they have the humility and patience to work with others.
At the heart of collaboration is strong communication skills: the source of the majority of conflicts is poor communication: when we can communicate clearly and persuasively we pave the way for effective collaboration. By equipping students with effective communication skills, we ensure our learners come out as well-rounded eloquent graduates.
IN a VUCA world, perhaps the quality that is most important is contextual intelligence which is the ability to understand our environment and context: whether it’s a cultural context, an organizational context, political context, a socio-economic context, a financial context: the skills of being observant and quickly being able to sum up and understand the context we are in is a vital skill for our children to be able to succeed in a diverse and complex world’
Teaching students Moral Courage helps them to retain their moral values and a strong sense of right and wrong. Students should be taught how to reason morally, how to make moral decisions, and how to develop the courage to stand up for their convictions and what they believe in.
In the age of digitalisation powered by millennials, Gen Zs and Gen Ys, it Gen Z are twice more likely to start their own businesses than Gen Y or Gen X. 4IR opens ups incredible possibilities for starting your own enterprise and our children need to learn to see the world through an entrepreneurs eyes so that they thrive in this new environment.
Consumer psychology, product and service design, marketing and finance are all skills we will cover in our program to gear our learners towards an entrepreneurial mindset.
For our children to thrive in the world, to find their optimal career path or their place in this world, they first need to understand themselves. This includes discovering and thereafter understanding their talents, their personality and character, their interests and passions, and most importantly recognising their life goals.
Hence, achieving clarity in what they want is the starting point to our children living a full and happy life.
How can schools prepare students for the 4th Industrial Revolution? What is the purpose of education in today’s knowledge society? How should learning be organised to prepare students for a ‘VUCA’ world? Schools by and large have not adapted their curriculum to fit the new emerging reality. At R.E.A.L, our team of educators, psychologists, and industry leaders have come together at the beginning of 2019 to completely revamp our school education model to ensure that we are preparing our students for the new world.
We live in a ‘VUCA’ world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) that is being shaped by the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions. This transformational change is marked by emerging technology breakthroughs that blur the lines between digital, physical and biological spheres. For students to be successful in the new ‘VUCA’ reality, education requires a rethinking.

10 Ways that R.E.A.L Schools are
Preparing Your Child for the R.E.A.L World

At R.E.A.L Schools, we believe that REAL education prepares students for the REAL world.
R.E.A.L Schools helps students discover 10 different worlds that together will form their holistic learning experience:

To provide a taste of the real high-tech working environment whilst preparing students for the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond, R.E.A.L in partnership with KDU University has developed a unique technology-innovation programme.

R.E.A.L Entrepreneurship Programme is a specially-designed programme for primary and secondary students which is designed to encourage students to see the world from an entrepreneur’s eyes; identifying opportunities, recognising consumer trends, connecting the dots, mobilizing resources, managing finances, and being results driven.

R.E.A.L Schools encourages students to become global citizens who possess a global outlook and worldview. R.E.A.L Schools’ latest enhanced curriculum will ensure that students are sensitized to the needs of their world, using United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide and enabling them to identify and implement strategies to bring about change in their local and global communities.

R.E.A.L Schools helps develop the character of our students. We believe that the true measure of a person lies in their goodness, compassion and moral courage; and our schools integrate these values into every lesson, every day.

Science is the window to our world. Enlightening students on the scientific method of inquiry not only helps them master the discipline of research but also helps them develop an observant and critical mind. As a key component of our STEAM programme, the sciences and mathematics are two of our main strengths at R.E.A.L.

Language is the building block for thought and learning. A good education begins with a solid foundation in language and at R.E.A.L Schools, we will give your child a solid foundation in both their spoken and written skills with our enhanced language programmes.
Sports combined seamlessly with academics will enable students to score equilibrium in education; while cultivating a healthy, balanced lifestyle from young. Our commitment at R.E.A.L Schools is to encourage all students to attain a high level of physical fitness, while at the same time nurturing a healthy interest in different sports.
Malaysia is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful rainforests in the world. At R.E.A.L, we encourage children to love and enjoy nature. We adorn our campuses with trees, fields, plants and gardens so that our students can learn in a ‘green’ environment that provides a soothing setting for learning. Beyond the campus, all R.E.A.L students will take part in camping trips and other outdoor expeditions as part of the Duke of Edinburgh (DOE) programme
Our Design & Innovation World programme provides students various avenues to constantly express themselves freely, critically, and creatively in the diverse world of design and even culinary arts, ensuring that the process of innovation and ‘design thinking’ becomes second nature to them.
R.E.A.L students will enjo the freedom to express themselves through dance, drama, and music; and at the same time, develop their courage and confidence to perform in public and among their peers.
R.E.A.L Schools will offer a comprehensive care system that offers mental and emotional support services to students as well as various workshops to help them develop the resilience and self-coping skills they need to grow into healthy, well rounded, and independent young adults.

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