Cahayans Embark on Nature and Conservation Awareness

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August 29, 2016
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Cahayans Embark on Nature and Conservation Awareness

Today’s ever-bustling urban lifestyle or city living can take its toll on one’s mental and emotional well-being. At R.E.A.L Schools, the pursuit of academic excellence is wholeheartedly balanced with various extracurricular endeavours. Apart from relaxing the mind and rejuvenating one’s spirit, these excursions expose students to precious active learning environments that vastly differ from classroom activities.

2016_sa_rimbailmu2To this end, 65 secondary school students and five teachers from R.E.A.L International School, Shah Alam Campus made their way to Rimba Ilmu, also known as the University of Malaya Botanical Gardens, as part of the school’s effort to increase students’ understanding, knowledge and awareness of Mother Nature while fostering greater appreciation towards her contribution to mankind.

This educational visit is intended for students and teachers to take part in the ‘Nature Art Fest’ organised by EDUTREE, one of Rimba Ilmu’s valued partners. First established in 1974, Rimba Ilmu provides a conducive and learner-friendly environment to educate the public on the rich biodiversity of Malaysian tropical rainforest. Through this educational trip, students were also able to enjoy and appreciate the nature art exhibition featuring paintings inspired by an array of local flora and fauna.

For the uninitiated, Rimba Ilmu has several trails such as the Wild Fruits Trail and the Botanist Trail for visitors to thoroughly explore different parts of the forest. During their visit, the R.E.A.L students walked through the botanical garden where they managed to discover and view various species of medicinal and herbal plants, as well as bamboo shoots.

2016_sa_rimbailmu3To further maximize the trip, the students made sustainable contributions to the botanical garden by building bird feeders using basic materials such as twigs and empty bottles which are unwanted but reusable. They then placed the feeders at strategic spots within the garden. This small yet impactful gesture serves as a token of appreciation and a simple way to repay what nature has given us. As the students left Rimba Ilmu with a renewed sense of hope and optimism, there was little doubt that the worthwhile trip will prove beneficial to all parties in the long run.

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