Business Skills (Johor Bahru Campus)



An Entrepreneurial Mind

Li Ka Shing once remarked that an entrepreneur’s unique gift was to synthesise information, to join the dots and see opportunities where others cannot. Statistics quoted by the World Economic Forum state that the next generation will be twice as likely to start their own businesses. Regardless of what career pathways our children take, to succeed they will require some measure of an entrepreneurial mind.

REAL World Tech Projects

This specially-designed programme for primary and secondary students is designed to encourage students to see the world from an entrepreneur’s eyes; identifying opportunities, recognising consumer trends, joining the dots, mobilizing resources, managing finances, and being results driven.

In this programme, students will work on a variety of group and individual projects that will help them master the following knowledge and skill sets:

  • Consumer Psychology
  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Product and Service Development
  • Knowing how to register a business
  • Basic Financial Management and Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

Financial Literacy

To prepare students for their career and financial future, R.E.A.L Schools provide financial literacy workshops by MoneyTree to teach students about financial management and good money habits, among other things. Students will be equipped with the knowledge, habitude, and life skills they need to become financially-savvy adults.