Brightening Lighthouse Children’s Day

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January 17, 2017
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January 17, 2017

Brightening Lighthouse Children’s Day

2017_ch_lighthouse03Social outreach programmes have become an integral part of the unique ‘R.E.A.L student experience’. Every year, R.E.A.L Schools regularly organizes various community activities and events that aim to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate while inculcating lifelong character values amongst students. Ultimately, it is hoped that such initiatives would mould them into exemplary citizens.

One of the more recent efforts saw the Primary Prefects and Student Council members of R.E.A.L International School, Cheras Campus (RISS) organize a visit to the Lighthouse Children Welfare Home in Bangsar. The home which currently houses 55 kids aged between three to 18; aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children who, sadly, have been either physically or sexually abused or come from families with a history of alcohol or drug-related abuse.

2017_ch_lighthouse02The day’s event commenced with an ice breaker session which got the ball rolling on a positive note as the students and children introduced themselves to one another. They then spent a good part of the day doing enjoyable activities together; such as singing songs like ‘I Want to Be Your Friend’, reading and colouring books, as well as playing fun games such as ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Cat and Dog’.

Apart from spending time with the children, the RISS team presented supermarket vouchers which they collected throughout the school term to be given to the home. Funds were also raised from a recycling project which the Student Council members donated to Lighthouse in order to buy stationeries and colouring books for the children.

All in all, it was truly a memorable and fruitful day for the RISS students who managed to put smiles on the faces of their newfound friends from the home. In the spirit of togetherness and creating a loving family bond with the children, the students also developed a stronger sense of civic consciousness and awareness to give back to society and help those who are less privileged. There was little doubt that they went home that day with a fresh outlook on life values such as thankfulness, compassion and humility. Below are what a few of the Year 4 to 6 students had to say about the visit:


“I learned that you need to appreciate what you have and also to work as a team.” – Lew Xin Yu

“I learned how to share and care.”  – Ng Shu Wen

“I was a little bit surprised by how many children there were at the home.” – Fabian

“I’m happy I went on this trip because I could see how other people live.” – Hon Wan Wan


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