Awe-Inspiring Art for a REAL, Good Cause

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January 19, 2015
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January 19, 2015

Awe-Inspiring Art for a REAL, Good Cause

The recent ‘Metamorphosis Art Exhibition’ held at R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus in Cheras may not be a Henri Matisse showcase or an exhibition that you might find at London’s Tate Modern. However, it is equally significant in providing a platform or avenue for budding artists to hone their talents while raising funds for charity through the sale of its paintings.

With the aim of showcasing students’ works of art to the public and expanding their impressive portfolio in the process, this exhibition which took place on 23 May 2014 at the school’s purpose-built Art Gallery, certainly lived up to its billing. Naming the exhibition ‘metamorphosis’ was inspired by the biological term for the physical process in which animals grow from birth (or hatchlings) to adulthood through starkly different stages. Thus, it is a fitting metaphor to signify the students’ growth and the ongoing journey to develop their artistic prowess from novices to experts.

The exhibition featured a total of 45 works of art by 12 students, with a few contributed by external guest artists. The medium of choice for the paintings was acrylic, while 30 percent of the proceeds that were generated from the sale were donated to selected welfare homes and orphanages throughout Selangor.   Organized and driven by the students and teachers of the school’s dedicated Art & Design programme, the inaugural exhibition certainly met its two main objectives of raising funds for a noble, charitable cause and to create valuable opportunities for young, aspiring artists to display their creations to a wider audience.

Fanning the Flames of Interest in Art

R.E.A.L Schools’ unique and innovative Art & Design programme serves to provide additional classes to students who have an interest or passion in art; with the three modules under this programme being Fine Art, Graphic Design and Fashion Design. The various events and activities that are organized by the school, such as ‘Metamorphosis’, also succeeded in promoting the programme further, judging by the highly encouraging response from the students. As a result, the number of students who joined the programme has increased from a mere four (during its initial stage) to a respectable 220 currently.

According to the school’s Head of ProgrammeMohdFarid bin Yusoff, “These focused initiatives are meant to support students with everything they need – from teaching to tools and facilities – in order to bring their artistic talents, interests and abilities to a higher level. Crucially as well, the programme enables the school to identify students with huge potential who can take centre stage in events like Metamorphosis”.

Inspiring Students to Greater Heights

Among the external guest artists who contributed was ‘Special Jury Award Winner’ at the ‘2012 Rasa Alam Exhibition’, Suzlee Ibrahim, who featured two of her works – Rhythm of Colour and Orange Space. Other notable names include Abd Halim Hassan, Simon Onn and HazrahNgah. The exhibition was also graced by the presence and participation of several personalities from the local art scene; namely printmaker FaizalSuhif, sculptor Jamil, and fine artists DzulAfiq, HalijahHamzah and Zaidah Abdullah.

Their attendance certainly added ‘colour’ to the event as they shared their experience and expertise with the promisingly talented students. In turn, the students had the golden opportunity to tap onto the invaluable insight of the guests and be inspired by their achievements. Being the first time that these students are exhibiting their precocious work to the public in a formal setting, much self-satisfaction was derived from their accomplishments. It is therefore hoped that this would inspire them further to keep painting and to possibly further their passion and interest in fine art to the highest level.

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