‘Annyeong-haseyo’, R.E.A.L Schools!

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August 13, 2015
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August 13, 2015

‘Annyeong-haseyo’, R.E.A.L Schools!

Continuing from the previous ‘Applied English and Internship Programme’ and ‘Applied English and Cultural Exchange Programme’; R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras once again played host to a group of undergraduate students from South Korea. The 39 students’ nearly one-month stay in Malaysia culminated with their graduation in July this year at the campus’ Hall of Character in a simple yet poignant ceremony, with exciting performances lined up by both Korean and Surian students.

Due to the success of and positive feedback from the first batch of students back in December 2014, Silla University of Busan and R.E.A.L Education Group decided to continue collaborating on this programme. For the ‘Applied English and Internship Programme’, a total of 19 Education and Early Childhood majors studied English at Suria Campus while interning as assistance teachers. As interns, they were mentored and taught various skills such as lesson planning, classroom management, mock teaching and more. During weekends, several outdoor activities which include a trip to Melaka, Petrosains, KLCC and other shopping centres were organized. Silla University student leader Kang Seongho said, “I feel that we are so lucky to have interned at R.E.A.L Schools. In just four weeks in Malaysia, we have learned so much and establish good relationships with the teachers and students”.

Experiencing the same outdoor activities were students from the ‘Applied English and Cultural Exchange Programme’. Consisting of Hospitality, Culinary, Tourism and Flight Attendant majors, the 20 students from Baekseok Cultural University of Cheonan were here to experience an English studying environment and hotel management for three weeks. As such, a visit to the IBIS Styles Hotel in Cheras was organized in order for them to meet the hotel staff there who briefed and demonstrated to them the basics and essentials of hotel operations. At Suria Campus, they were given a chance to practice their culinary skills and customer service etiquette through cooking competitions and role-play sessions within an English-speaking environment. Much like the students from Silla University, they thoroughly enjoyed their time in Malaysia and hope to be back here soon.

As a whole; it was an educational, enriching and enjoyable experience of a lifetime for the young South Koreans. It is hoped that their time with R.E.A.L Schools had been worthwhile and invaluable for their future careers. Their attentiveness, eagerness to learn and good attitude was evident throughout the programme; as testified by Ms. S.P. Lee, General Manager of R.E.A.L Schools, Suria Campus, Cheras during her speech at the graduation ceremony.

The ceremony served as a platform and opportunity for the Korean students to show their appreciation towards R.E.A.L’s hospitality and care during their short stint here in Malaysia. This was conveyed through several means; which include speeches from the respective universities’ student leaders, as well as singing and dance performances. This was reciprocated by the Surian staff and students who dished out several stage performances of their own. “We will never forget what R.E.A.L Schools has done for us. If there was another opportunity for an internship here, I will take it in a heartbeat so that we can see each other again,” said Kang.

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