At R.E.A.L Schools, we pride ourselves in giving students a distinct and diverse range of learning experiences that not only enhances their knowledge and skills, but nurtures talent and potential as well. These broad scopes of educational endeavours encompass everything from student excursions to practical learning platforms.

Science & Technology

Design & Innovation

Pursuing Creative Expression & Excellence

Design & Innovation has always been a mainstay component of R.E.A.L Schools’ distinct brand of curriculum. Our plethora of unique activities and events stem from the school’s dedicated Art & Design Programme that offers students a platform to pursue their passion, interests and talents in creative pursuits. Within purpose-built facilities such as art and fashion studios, full-time art teachers are also on hand to share with students their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields. These pursuits include the areas of:

  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design, and
  • Fine Art

A Lively Performing Arts Community

Complementing the Art & Design programme is the school’s dynamic Performing Arts department which has successfully staged live musicals every year. These crowd-pulling plays have, in recent years, included:

  • ‘Mamma Mia’
  • ‘Tarzan the Musical’
  • ‘Nanny the Musical’
  • ‘Green Witch the Musical’, and
  • ‘Batman & Catwoman’

Pride & Passion in Self-Production

These musicals were entirely planned and produced ‘in-house’ by devoted teams of R.E.A.L students and staff. From costume, set and prop designs to promotional activities; the cast and crew were fully involved in the process from start to finish. Students gain priceless, lifelong learning experiences along the way, and fond memories to cherish for life.

Nurturing and Exhibiting Talents

The Design & Innovation efforts at R.E.A.L International Schools are distinguished by the fact that they are incorporated into the curriculum itself, while offering an almost professional avenue for students to harness their creativity and talents. Among the standout events undertaken by R.E.A.L Schools to achieve this aim include organizing the ‘Metamorphosis of Art’, a fine art exhibition held at the school art gallery which showcased the best of students’ artwork to a public domain. The exhibition also saw the presence and participation of several special guests from the local art scene, adding a touch of ‘colour’ to the event.

Outdoor Education

Social Responsibility

Conscious of Social Awareness

The true progress and status of a nation depends on the quality of education it provides its people. Real education is not just about pursuing academic excellence, but also about nurturing individuals with exemplary character who can contribute to society and the nation. R.E.A.L International Schools fully recognizes its role and responsibility in providing this area of education.

Making a REAL Difference in Society

R.E.A.L Schools’ Social Outreach Programme is dedicated towards establishing long-term involvement with various charities and community projects all-year round, teaching students the importance of being caring, civic-conscious and useful citizens in the process.

Language & Culture

Sports & Activities

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