About Us (Our Philosophy)

Introducing R.E.A.L School

With a history that spans 30 years, R.E.A.L Schools is an educational institution committed towards transforming students through active learning. Since our establishment, we nurture students to achieve real transformation and success through holistic education of exceptional standards.

Our students are engaged in a rich and challenging curriculum from kindergarten to primary and secondary levels in both international and national syllabi. Interwoven into this are robust extracurricular activities and character-building programmes; providing students with a platform to develop natural talents, discover embedded potential and inculcate strong values.

As such, we engage our students into a transformative journey that produces results. These results do not only encompass academic achievements but are balanced with extracurricular excellence and honourable character.

With R.E.A.L being an acronym for Results Enhancing through Active Learning, it is only by challenging norms and espousing collaborative learning that students are able to experience continuous improvement or transformation through enhancement. Here, students are inspired to explore lessons beyond books and classrooms by being exposed to an experiential, hands-on approach that fosters a lifelong love and knowledge towards learning.

Our 6 international and private schools located across 3 campuses in Malaysia consist of a diverse community of learning that provides students with a platform to explore and develop unique talents; enabling them to grow their own niche with confidence and integrity to succeed in the future.