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January 19, 2015
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January 19, 2015

A Movie Date in School!

The 2nd of April 2014 was eagerly-anticipated by the Primary students of R.E.A.L International School as it was simply a ‘day at the movies’. However, there was a twist here as the students were able to re-enact the real-life experience of going to the movies’ but within familiar surroundings. How so? Well, instead of bringing the students to the theatre, the school decided to bring the theatre to them!

The makeshift venue was set when two Performing Arts rooms were converted into a full-fledged, functioning theatre. The students who were in charge worked hard in setting up the rooms and stalls that sold everything essential; from tickets to standard snacks and movie fare such as popcorn, sausages, fish balls and drinks. Others were tasked with either selling tickets, food coupons or simply being ushers. The ushers were entrusted with maintaining discipline amongst the ‘movie-goers’ and ensuring the cleanliness of the theatre.

After a fun-filled day of watching the movie ‘Hachiko’, the students converged the next day to discuss with their respective Homeroom Teachers what Character First qualities they managed to identify and learn from the movie. Overall, the students had a blast experiencing a day at the theatre with their friends, all within the safe setting of the school. Kudos to all the teachers and students who made this unique, enjoyable and memorable event possible and a ‘blockbuster’ success!

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